Life is Eternal. Post a Scene from the Old Testament. (please)


Prophet Elijah having food brought to him by ravens. Elijah was a forerunner of John the Baptist, and the ravens were a forerunner of Grubhub.


Excellent. Thankyou, Christofirst. That would be a nice service while out hiking and camping. Usually it’s the other way around. Ravens and crows are not appreciated these days. I’m glad they were given an honorable role among the prophets.









Moses and Aaron bringing some convincing proof of the reality and power of their God before Ramses in the palace as Aaron’s rod becomes a serpent.


This is actually NOT supposed to be the cartoon thread, TK, but thanks. :slight_smile:

I was a little ambiguous in my OP, sorry…


And thus a very important lesson: you shall NEVER make fun of bald people :sunglasses:


Saul pays a visit to the witch of Endor to summon Samuel from sheol for consultation but things backfire. (Samuel Redford)

-1 Samuel, chap 28


Cool! :smile:


God creates the animals:

Elohim creates Adam


The Paradise


Adam has a serpent coiled around him. :scream:


Jacob’s Ladder on a church


Now that is something I’ve not seen before. (Being a rockclimber, I’d want to climb it.)

Very cool!!


What church is this?


This is my favorite visual art from an Old Testament scene (Ezekiel in the Valley of Dry Bones):

I have to say, though, that I’m deeply disappointed at the lack of artwork using the Grim Reaper as the Angel of Death for the Egyptian story. The only thing I could find was this picture of him heading there to do the job:

(Note: May not actually be what he’s doing.)


Bath Abbey in Somerset, England. It’s Anglican now but started off as a 7th century Benedictine abbey.


The Witch-King of Angmar is sort of like a grim reaper, but he doesn’t ride a camel. Wait, was that in the bible? Never mind.

I really like the Valley of the Dry Bones. I would like to go there and see this happen for myself. If God can take a single cell and transform it into you and me, this dry bone reconstruction should be a piece of cake.


That depends on how you see the Grim Reaper. I know making him violent, edgy, and bloodthirsty is common, but I’ve always personally preferred his more somber, meditative, and/or romantic depictions. A lot of Children of Bodom’s album artwork does a great job of that (and other times, unfortunately, goes to his more bloody side…):

I also like all the cute stuff:

But despite being called the angel of death, no one has thought to draw him into one of the most famous stories about the angel of death!


This classical depiction of “the grim reaper” as many people use the name is probably not Catholic. Perhaps it is of pagan or protestant origin.

There is an “angel of death” in the Old Testaement, I think? Not sure now. The Passover?


I believe that illustration is also from the Dore Bible Gallery.


Yieeeh, I’m not seeing the “kid friendlier” in the cartoon of Elisha and the bears post #40.

Rather, post #26 (below) looks like people were taking a lovely afternoon nap under the trees. Bear comes along, recognizes Elisha and prepares to give him a high five, after tiptoeing (or dancing!) between the sleepers.
“Hey buddy, long time no see.”

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