Life Magazine Closeup of Pope Pius XII

For those who are interested in reading about Pope Pius XII, the link below will bring up the Google Books digitification of the December 4, 1939, which includes a 10-page (or so) Closeup article about him. This article, which starts on page 86, was published only months after the death of Pope Pius XI and the elevation of Eugenio Cardinal Pacelli to the Papacy.

The retrieval works on MIE, but it works better on Google Chrome.

Edit: I tested the link from this post,and it works.

What a great article, thanks for posting it! :slight_smile:

Wow, you found a gem! This article is excellent, thanks for posting!

I am researching America as it was in the pre-WWII years and during WWII for a novel I’d like to write. I’ve posted a couple of excerpts of political interest, but this was just too cool not to give the link for.

In general, I have found LIFE in the late '30s to be neutral toward Catholicism, if not somewhat pro-Catholic (albeit not favorable toward Father Coughlin).

As I find more items of interest to the denizens of this forum, I will post links.

Oh, by the way, new Fords, Chevies, Plymouths, etc. started in the $700s.

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