Life on the Rock (EWTN): 4-1-11

It will feature Melinda Selmys. Do not miss it.

Forgive my ignorance, but who is this Melinda? Could you expand on this topic a little bit?:slight_smile:

Someone who can testify from personal experience that SSA is not necessarily a permanent condition.

Just listen in, and if you can’t at that time, there are repeats on the weekend, I believe (TV and radio).

You’re not ignorant. :slight_smile: (Naturally) If I hadn’t happened to have seen her and read her previously, I wouldn’t have recognized her name either.

I believe that she also has a fair amount to say on the illusory so-called “fulfillment” promised by the homosexual lifestyle. (She is not the only one who has witnessed and reported this, but she is probably the most honest among those I have heard.)

Melinda did not disappoint. And I was comforted by the fact that she affirmed much of what I have instinctively and experientially come to the same conclusions about, regarding homosexuality – and what Fr. Paul Check has said about it as well. Anyone who is serious about this issue in modern society should definitely watch the replay this weekend or download it as a video or audio archive next week.

Notice carefully how, at the end of the program, she indirectly talks about the importance of trust, realism, & openness when it comes to conversion from the lifestyle. Notice, too, how her departure from the lifestyle was intimately connected with the honest quality of her religious conversion, which logically led to moral conviction. (IOW, had she merely tried to apply secular assumptions & values to her sexuality – importing a whole “gay identity” thing from the outside, into her commitment to Catholicism, or layering it over Catholicism, a separation from that lifestyle would have been quite difficult, if not impossible.)

Similarly, I strongly recommend downloading the second hour of today’s CAL, featuring Bishop Cordileone. Like Melinda, the Bishop is down to earth and quite conversant with the topic. He’s a realist and was without hyperbole in his remarks & responses today. He understands how important it is to be able to speak to/against the secular arguments, so Catholics who care about this issue should become familiar with such arguments. I’m sure this hour will also become available soon for downloading.

Thanks for the info:thumbsup:
I’ll have to download when it comes available, since EWTN comes and goes on our TV:mad:

They will probably have the show in it’s entirety on YouTube within the next few days. :slight_smile:

Thanks, Elizabeth.


Here you go:

Thank you for the link.

You’re welcome. :slight_smile:

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