Life On The Rock - Replacement?

Well, I’m sure all of us are praying hard for Fr. Francis-Mary, EWTN and the widow/children. Keep it up.

I’m very doubtful that he will return to EWTN, regardless of what he decides to do with his vocation.

What do you think about Jason and Crystalina Evert hosting Life On The Rock? I think they’d be GREAT hosts flanked by Fr. Mark and Fr. Anthony. The POWER TEAM!! :thumbsup:


Why are we praying?

I mean…what happened?

I don’t get EWTN, sadly, so I’m not really up on who’s who, etc.

Fr. Mary Francis is taking at least a year off to discern his vocation due to his involvement with a widow w/children. Sounds like he started out helping the family and then became very close. Maybe they fell in love? I pray that he is able to follow God’s plan for him, whatever that may be.

This is very sad. He is in my prayers, as is the woman and her children.

[quote=]What do you think about Jason and Crystalina Evert

I had the same thought they are a good husband and wife team and have a good connection with the youth… This would also give the friars a break and time for prayer.

I agree Jason and Crystalina would be great hosts with the Fr.s on Life on The Rock. I’m so sad for the Brothers though, having to read the letter from Fr. Francis on the air. You could so feel the pain and hurt they are all experiencing. I pray for all of them.

I didn’t hear about a specific length of time. :confused::confused: I suppose it doesn’t really matter, tho. Whatever it takes.:frowning:

I watched an encore presentation last night for a short time, and the priests that are now hosting, seem to be still in a state of shock. Maybe someone new to the scene might be refreshing…maybe Father Corapi??? That would be cool. Or maybe Father Larry Richards, who is also on Relevant Radio during the week. I like the priests who are hosting, but I think they are too close to what happened, and seem to be a little awkward in Fr Francis’ absence.

I wouldn’t mind seeing Jason host it…but as far as his wife Crystalina goes…She wears VERY tight fitting sweaters and shirts, plus she’s very well endowed. I know someone who claimed he couldn’t watch her talk about how lusting is bad, while at the same time, she wears tight shirts.

Mr Jeff Cavins will be perfect.Actually,when he left LOTR,i stopped watching that program.I was not a big fan of Fr.Francis.My other candidate will be Mr.Jesse Romero.He really rocks!

oh yes excelllent choices…Jesse Romero is my favorite:thumbsup:

You can follow this link to find the audio of the Life on the Rock episode (#534) in question. Fr. Anthony Mary reads Fr. Francis Mary’s letter at the very start.

I agree that Jason and Crystalina Evert would be good choices to host the show, particularly since they are closer in age to the show’s target audience.

As for Crystalina inspiring lust, well, I humbly submit that it’s the viewer’s responsibility to keep his own thoughts under control. Having known many women who have had a figure like she has, I think I can say that tight shirts are simply a fact of life at that size, like it or not. It’s not like she’s showing skin like some Hollywood starlet eager to be talked about in the tabloids.

That being said, I’ve noticed that some people tend to fall into scrupulosity in this area. As far as I know, it’s perfectly acceptable to for a man to find a woman sexually arousing, is it not? It’s perfectly okay to have a reaction of “Wow! She’s gorgeous!” or even “Gee, she’s…big.” It’s what you do after that initial reaction that matters; it’s whether or not you follow the initial impulse of physical attraction down Fantasy Road into the sin of lust.

Sometimes I wonder if some people here think it’s a sin just to be physically attracted to any woman, even your wife, and that all attractive women are to be shunned.

Or am I completely misunderstanding Church teaching on human sexuality?

Yes this is a concern of mine too… It does not make sense to me either… I hope this news will get back to her…

This is insane… You know she’s got a beautiful face also. We should all chip-in and buy her a head scarf and burqa so nobody can tell.


uuhhhh, I don’t agree with the posts here about Crystalina wearing tight tops. I think she dresses very modestly, with long or 3/4 sleeves; nothing provocative.

I think Jason and her would be great hosts. I like the Pure Life series. :slight_smile:

Could we pleeeeeese get back to the topic and off C’s clothing?:o

Jason and Crystalina Evert would be great. :thumbsup: Or bring back Jeff Cavins - he was fantastic on the show. :clapping:

I am not liking the J & C combo. I think the host should be a priest or an unmarried Catholic, a married couple doesn’t seem to fit somehow with the focus of the show.

Discern his vocation?

You mean he can go back on his vows ??

He is a priest.

Knowing him as a host on LOTR, I expect better of him. :frowning:

I believe Fr Don Calloway would be a most awesome replacement! He has stated that he is the poster child for Divine Mercy and his conversion story on The Journey Home is, in my humble opinion, unmatched by any other conversion story on TJH !


Shame, shame, shame on anyone’s comments regarding MRS EVERTS clothing. Comments obviously stated by people who have not delivered any babies!:wink:

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