Life-Size Nativity Scene in New York's Central Park Should Encourage Other Cities, Group Says

**( **– The New York City-based Catholic League has erected a life-size Nativity scene at the heart of New York’s Central Park, hoping the display will remind Christians in other cities that such displays are legal.

Placed at the corner of 59th Street and Fifth Avenue, the Nativity stands prominently in front of the world’s largest menorah – the eight-armed candelabra used to mark the eight days of the Jewish holiday of Hanukkah.

First erected in 1994, the scene depicting the birth of Jesus is paid for entirely by the non-profit Catholic League. “We’ve been doing this for 15 years,” Catholic League Communications Director Susan Fani told “It just proves that you can have religious symbols on public property.”

That public property includes Central Park – a “public forum” where artists and performers regularly gather and where religious groups of all stripes are free to display symbols of their faith.

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Here in Taunton, MA…also widely known in the area as “The Christmas City” we have a life sized Nativity scene in the Taunton Green (or commons). There is also a huge menorah and Santa and reindeer displays. I’m almost afraid to say that the ACLU has somehow not complained. Maybe they realize its had a long history in the city and serves a good purpose. I hope so.

Another town north of us had to take down a life size Nativity scene and menorah under threats of a law suit.

The idea behind the menorah by the way has been preserved in the sacred scripture of the Catholic tradition, but excluded from the Jewish Bible. :slight_smile:

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