Life-sized fetus causes cafeteria controversy at Connecticut school


BRANFORD, Conn. (WTNH)– Life-sized replicas of fetuses are too much for lunchtime at Branford High School. A student leader of the school’s pro-life club says the principal banned her from using the models and she is fighting that.

Seventeen-year-old Samantha is a senior at Branford High School and she is learning a harsh lesson in education policy after trying to set up a pro-life table during lunch at Branford High.

“When we asked our principal at our school if we can have this set up during lunch and have an opportunity for kids to come over and take a look at our display, he said no,” said Samantha Bailey-Loomis.


Honestly I don’t think this is an appropriate area to do this. Does the school not have an auditorium, gym room or extra class room that can be used. I am fully against abortion, but I don’t think it is necessary to have pro-life events in a High School lunch room, possibly during lunch?

Schools have rallies for many different things, I do think this student could arrange a time and space for her event that does not include the lunch room.


But she says other school clubs are able to promote their views during lunch.

“They had information about what their club does and what they have done in the past and they have pictures and they have poster boards just like ours, except for with different content on it,” said Bailey-Loomis.

If other clubs are able to do that, then does it seem fair the pro life club can not?


Brave young girl!:extrahappy::dancing:

They is just a poster with pictures and some model fetal babies.

Real scary stuff, I don’t think so and what harms does it do to show the development of the preborn. This would better if it were" done in an “abstinence” program but we know that won’t happen any time soon.


The principal told them the topic of abortion was “too controversial”.
The student doesn’t state what the other clubs are that have displayed in the cafeteria…they could be, say, the chess club or the pro-“let’s install a jukebox in the gym” group.
Plus…we are not being shown the photos and models…perhaps they are disturbing.

I agree with the principal and the other poster, above–the topic is an emotional and controversial one and not appropriate for when and where students are having a lunch break.
There are most likely other controversial topics that are not permitted to be presented in the lunch room as well–not just this one.



I agree that lunchtime is not the right time, especially inside the cafeteria.


Showing the development of a baby doesn’t seem to be the issue…students are shown photos of baby development every year in health class.



I think it depends on what the models look like. If they’re just the regular fetal models, that is fine. But photos of blood do not belong in a lunch room where people are trying to eat.

The sad thing is that most parents are not teaching their kids right from wrong anymore. Parents these days give their kids electronics from a young age so everyone can be off in their own world. They’d rather be their kid’s friend than a parent. So the schools need stuff like this to teach the kids truth. The unborn are not a “blob of cells.” A lot of high school kids are already practicing promiscuity (many of their parents know and don’t even care, some even help them by purchasing condoms and pills for their children) and some of them have abortions either because they forgot to use contraceptives (49%) or because the contraception failed (51%). They have a right to learn exactly what they’re killing because the culture certainly isn’t going to tell them.


This is how the display is described:

Their table is complete with blown-up images of fetuses and real- life sized fetus models that look just like the real thing and she says that doesn’t sit well with her principal.

If the pictures are scientific diagrams or ultrasounds or the type of thing to be displayed on a pregnancy ticker, then I’m in full support. However, I would never want to try to eat lunch in the presence of certain gory pictures that are frequently used in pro-life protests and the like. I have a weak stomach and would probably throw up.


Did you read the article and watch video because that is what the video shows - her poster and the fetal models. There is nothing scandalous about these pictures.

They have a Day of Silence for gay students and I am sure they have a table in the luncheon room or there would be an uproar. What’s the difference?

  1. Other groups are allowed to present in the cafeteria
  2. The high school is a public high school, thus governed by the first amendment
  3. There was nothing in the pictures or models that a reasonable person would consider “in bad taste”
  4. The principal is not the keeper of the 1st amendment…either the display gets to be seen or nobody gets to present in the cafeteria. Sue the school if necessary
  5. In my opinion, only pro-abortion rights advocates consider information about the development of human life to be controversial and something to be hidden


the truth is too controversial??? Let’s apply the heat to the principal on this one.


It really is only a matter of time before enough kids start wondering why the adults are so head-shy about this topic. That’s a good thing.


I have often wondered how a young teen wraps their mind around the fact of what society thinks of kids in general. To understand what abortion really is and to realize how many of their generation were never born has to be quite a shock.


maybe the principal is a secret supporter of planned parenthood and doesn’t want the display to save a life…there might be a teenage girl who believes the lies of planned parenthood and thinks her unborn child is a clump of cells and has an abortion scheduled. However, in this hypothesis, the pregnant teen walks by the display and stops in shock and asks…is this what it looks like?

A life is then saved when she sees that her baby is actually a baby and not a clump of cells.

It has NOTHING to do with religion - its just scientific fact.


Or…the principal is somewhat rational and thinking of all students because a cafeteria out of all places is not where something like that should be. I know, personally, I’d be quite perturbed seeing such a thing in a place where I’m eating food.


Did you see the pictures? Nothing distasteful. This is a simple 1st amendment / 14th amendment case…school will lose if it goes to court.


According to the link there’s nothing gory or graphic about the images. But in any event, we’re told by so many that teens should be exposed to “education” on so many things about sex because “they’re going to do it anyway” (not to mention that they are bombarded by overly sexual images in all forms of media) so why do they all of a sudden do they become so delicate that they might be disturbed by seeing a model of a fetus? Maybe because it goes against the message that sex is to be had merely for pleasure? :shrug:


If this goes to court, it will be end up almost exactly like Tinker v. Des Moines in the 1960s in which they rule in favor of the student(s) being allowed to display a message in spite of the principal’s wishes.


People who are for abortion are ashamed to look at what they are doing.

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