Life Support

In the news:

In Texas, a pregnant but brain-dead woman is being artificially kept “alive” despite her family’s wishes because she is 20-weeks pregnant. According to the hospital, Texas law says she must be kept alive.


Praying for her and her child.

This is a difficult situation.

On one hand, the Church teaches that we need not use “extraordinary” measures to prolong life, once brain death has reliably been certified.

On the other hand, her unborn child is still alive.

How long can she be kept on life support? Can this sort of thing be kept up until the child can be born and have a reasonable chance of survival* (at least 7-8 months)? And what of potential complications (sepsis, pneumonia, organ failure) that can affect the mother and (indirectly) the child?

The protestors have an agenda, true. But too much of a good thing isn’t good either.

The child in the womb is not brain dead. Plus there is a finite timeline for this condition.

As such, the child should not be removed from the life support of his brain-dead mother. The child deserves the opportunity to be born and Baptized.

Terrible situation. :frowning:

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