Life Teen Mass

Our beloved Priest has been moved about 40 miles away. As we have an older car and other situations that make it difficult to drive that far, we have been searching for a new parish. I will get to the point now.
We have attended one parish that has a Life Teen Mass. It was very strange with a drum set and very lame hand motions with the songs. That was bad enough, but during the Eucharist Prayer and Consecration, the priest had invited all the teenagers up around the altar. They stood in a semi circle down the side and back behind the priest. Even my 2 teenage daughters were shocked when this happen… Is this proper? An abuse? I know we are very conservative by most folksstandards, but this was bizarre! Help is appreciated! JMJ

The LifeTeen Masses are not currently in conformity with the Church’s liturgical law. However, the founder of this youth movement, Msgr. Dale Fushek, recently directed parishes celebrating LifeTeen Masses to adhere to the latest *General Instruction of the Roman Missal * (GIRM).

See Jimmy Akin’s blog article FLASH! LifeTeen Revised (July 18) for more details.

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