"Life will not be like it was pre-COVID. Even after we have a #vaccine you will still need to use good hand hygiene, maintain physical distance, avoid crowds and wear masks”



The leftists want this new paradigm to be PERMANENT!

Face masks virtually everywhere.
Social distancing.
Quarantining HEALTHY individuals.
Exemptions for themselves.


Unfortunately, “The Great Reset” is designed to bring about a permanent “New Normal” by its advocates.


I wouldnt worry too much, there have been plagues, we all went back to normal. Although with each one we learn more. We know fleas bring plague, eating monkey brains or cow brains can cause diseases, coughing over someone will give them flu or covid or a cold or another illness if we are contageous, using potting mix without a mask could potentially give a person legionaaires, eating vitamin C fruits and veg prevents deficiencies. We learn and move on. Then we forget, we become complacent, down right stupid, then we cause a new plague.
The cycle starts all over again.
Here there is a disease caused by what we think are bats, Hendra. It kills mammals including humans, and horses are a problem. So we dont put stock troughs under trees bats frequent, we dont touch bats. We dont have rabies here, but we know certain animals carry rabies overseas and we are careful with them if overseas and faced with a potential rabid animal.

I’m not sure a COVID-19 vaccine will stop COVID for good any more than the FLU vaccine ends flu. Even if it did, I think that normal as I knew it is dead.

Only in America is this a “left vs right” issue…and I find it truly bizarre. Take Poland…by most measures very “right wing”, very conservative…much, much more so than America…but I understand they are still hard core on masks, limiting gatherings, etc. Trump and others have made this a political right vs left issue… of all the things to fight against, a piece of cloth on your face seems pretty darn silly to me.

I know some of the more vocal right-wingers on CAF fancy themselves medical / science experts and will go on and on about how useless masks are…even if you believe yourself to be such an expert, and are absolutely certain that you have accurately evaluated the utility of masks…I don’t think there’s anyone on the planet who denies basic germ theory to the point that they can’t see value in social distancing.

I’ll tell you one thing. Before the pandemic, I used to get sick all the time…terrible colds multiple times a year. Since then? I don’t get sick anymore…I think I had one very minor cold during this entire period. Social distancing…washing my hands…not touching my face…wearing a mask in crowded stores or on public transit…travelling less. Has done wonder for my personal health.

Of course, there needs to be balance. From what I’ve seen, many conservatives in the US are far, far too lax…while many “liberals” in the US are far to strict. That can be a right vs left issue…but the basic principles of social distancing, respecting your neighbour, etc. have been adopted pretty much worldwide, including very conservative societies…because the principles are rooted in basic germ theory.


While I don’t get the rabid opposition to masks by those on the right, I see the major issue to be a power grab by those on the left. In New York City, DeBlasio is shutting down businesses, but at the same time allowing protests because of their historic nature. In other words, if DeBlasio likes your cause, he’s willing to overlook science.

Also consider Michigan Gov Whitmer, who shut down businesses and deciding what they sold was either “essential” or “non essential.” Church was considered non-essential, as was buying seeds from Walmart…but…abortion service and lotto tickets were considered essential.

Then there are a whole host of left wing leaders who say we must wear masks and social distance, yet, they avail themselves to the services they shut down (Like Pelosi and Lightfoot having their hair done). CNN’s Chris Cuomo on tv says we have to wear masks and social distance to look out for each other, yet when caught not wear a mask he berated the person that called him out.

This is a power grab. Special rules if you have a favored perspective, stricter rules if you don’t.


I accepted all of that back in March of this year. I have no choice. I’m high risk.

I don’t see the big deal about having to wear masks when in buildings such as grocery stores.

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Those are valid points. Balance must be found. The appropriate response to abuses or inconsistencies on the Left, though, is not “let’s completely reject masks and social distancing”.

I agree. I wear my mask and social distance, however, when I get vaccinated, I will be traveling and attending sporting events. I want to get back to normal as soon as possible.


Our restaurants are open, but with plexiglass / space between tables…stores are open but people wear masks…public Masses are offered but attendance is capped and you have to pre-register. I’m OK with these small sacrifices. I believe we are keeping more people healthy, yet we’re still living our lives. Its not Draconian nor is it a free for all.

As I’ve said before, I don’t think ANYONE wants this way of life to be permanent. I certainly don’t, but I don’t consider myself a leftist. However, the leftist people I know also want this to end as soon as possible.

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Considering how we are still learning so much about COVID, and do not have a vaccine, how can anyone possibly know what she is claiming to know? Maybe she is correct, for a while, or maybe she is not. The future is unknown. However, I would never look to a tweet as a place for any legitimate information.


As do some USA citizens.

One thing I appreciate, the office culture has changed concerning sick people. Before, there were people that would praise the dedication of those that came to work sick. Before the lockdowns, people were encouraged to stay home if they even speculated they were sick. I hope that change is permanent.

Years ago I remember sick people coming into the office and a coworker that would ridicule them to the point of them not wanting to be there. Some people thought it was rude. To him, their choice to come to work sick is an assault on his health and his offensive behaviour was in defense of his health.

There were some power fights from it in Georgia. The fight in Atlanta got the most attention (50% of the GA population lives in the metropolitan area around Atlanta). The more populated cities wanted masks and shutdowns, the Governor of GA prohibited any local government in GA from issuing any COVID related restrictions. It was a fight that was going to the courts until it cooled off after some of GA’s numbers got worst.

twf . . .

… of all the things to fight against, a piece of cloth on your face seems pretty darn silly to me.

To that I would say two things.

Mandating something that we don’t know about can come back to harm us. We have not adequately addressed risk-benefit ratios.

Your reply has the built-in presupposition that masks = only good.

If you did not presuppose that, the answer to your own point would be self-evident.

Look. I have no problem with masks in appropriate circumstances. I use them myself.

But it is a different ball game when you start inventing laws with no firm scientific foundation.

And there is no firm scientific foundation here. There are bits and pieces FORCED into nebulous definitions and applied in ways they were never meant to be applied.

We don’t even have a definition of what “a mask” is! Yet we’re running around telling people it is imperative to wear them.

The other thing is what this represents. Principles.

When these foundationless infringements upon your freedoms by a Government for flippant reasons can occur for this, WHAT CAN’T they occur for?

Arresting worshippers for this (while letting politicians walk) is totalitarian or at least quasi-totalitarian in my opinion.

Here is maskless Biden recently putting others around him and his Secret Service contingent in potential harms way . . .

Maskless Joe Biden Putting Secret Service People at risk as well as innocent bystanders

Lest someone claim: “Well it looks like six-feet to me, so I will give Joe a pass but not Trump” the video shows that was not true.

Besides. Projecting virions CAN go over six feet quite easily.

Some people find that acceptable or even desirable (Government as your nanny).
They WANT Government nannying them.

I don’t.

Freedom-loving people just want to be left alone by their Government unless it is utterly necessary to do otherwise.


The reason why libertarianism never eventuates into a sound doctrine is this very contradiction. They cut off their nose to spite their face in essence. They don’t accept that there is ever a valid circumstance to curtail freedom.

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So Covid cases are rising again in a number of states here in the US, the flu season is just about upon us, both have severe respiratory complication, combine the two of them and who knows what might happen. You’d be lucky if half the population even gets a flu shot, then you have the anti maskers, this could end up being a total disaster, although I would hope not. It’s interesting that the Southern Hemisphere had a very low flu season, but then in many Asian countries people wear masks even if they have a cold. Some Southern countries mandated wearing masks and strict distancing practices also, and have had low Covid and low flu cases.

So in the end, the mayor of Atlanta won, or at least got her way?

Yes. Biden has promised us a “dark winter” and I’m sure he means to deliver if he’s elected.


They don’t accept that the state can be trusted to do so. You disagree. Let’s be clear on that.

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