Life, zoa or zoe in LXX and N. T.?


Is zoe used in the Septuagint?

If so, from which Hebrew word?

If you could use English characters when you answer, that would be most helpful.

I might have asked this before, but I am not the best at searching this site.



The Hebrew word for “life” is chay (German ch; also seen in the Hebrew & Yiddish toast “L’chayyim!”); however, in the singular this word is used only in phrases like “As the Lord our God liveth . . .” chay YHVH Eloheinu). I haven’t been able to run all the citations, but it appears that in the meaning of “life,” the plural chayyim is used, just like in the toast. In the LXX, zoe is used, in the plural.

In the NT, zoe is used for "life. Zoa is the plural of zoon, which means “living creature.”



I think chayyim is transalted by zoe in LXX, is that correct?



Yes, as I said, in the plural.



I am a little slow sometimes, and this is one of those times!!!


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