video about Ruth and Naomi fundamentally correct?


Is this video about Ruth and Naomi fundamentally correct from a Catholic perspective? Keep in mind that it’s associated with the Evangelical Covenant Church.

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LOL I liked it.


Did you sincerely like it? What did you think of the organ music?


What does that even mean?
It was funny , and soapy and the organ music rocked!

I always wondered why Ruth stayed with Naomi. It was easy to see why Orpah wanted to stay on the land where she was familiar.
We’re not really given any backstory or explanation for any of the wormen’s motivations.

But yeah, it was cute and I liked it.


Well, the video does feature a lady who used to act on daytime soap operas.


It was a great send-up of soaps! It was fundamentally correct as well.



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