Can someone here on CAF tell me what is like?

Haven’t you checked it out?

If no, why? If yes, what did you think?

Never heard of them, but after reading your post, I’ve checked out their website.

They seem to be an evangelical church, probably a “mainline-to-conservative” one, who believe in using new media to spread the Gospel.

Their beliefs appear to be fairly orthodox Protestant ones, probably leaning towards the Arminian rather than the Calvinist side.

They don’t hold much to formality in worship; casual attire and pop-style / CCM music seem to be the norm. They reject the “mega-church” label, though.

Their views on the Trinity and Biblical inspiration seem quite harmless.

To find out more, I’ll probably have to check out their broadcasts, which I will do when I actually get the time. (Dang slow connection! ;))

They are an Evangelical Protestant church and are responsible for The Bible App (YouVersion), which I have used a lot and highly recommend.

Well, twopekinguys, I’ve read a Wikipedia article about the church. I wish it were Catholic.

I’ve been interested because a certain ex-actress has been associated with as of late.

I’ve read several books by their lead Pastor, Craig Groschel. Very good stuff, no “easy” Christianity there. They share the same social stances with Catholics on gay marriage, abortion and birth control. (The Pastor has like 5 or 6 kids).

I looked at the site and it is Evangelical. Many of their beliefs will be contrary to Catholic doctrine, such as the baptism they say on their site is just an outward expression of your faith and not a sacrament as known by the Catholic church. Many evangelical church’s will tell you that your infant baptism is not valid, which is not true by any means. Also, my experience of 12 years in the Evangelical churches is every pastor will have a different spin on the Bible and particular verses, so is going to be that pastors ideas of what the Bible says.

Also, for the last several years it is a very popular drawing in many, many evangelical church’s to promote “next steps.” It is widely used in many evangelical churches. The steps are usually moving from learning about Jesus through his word, to getting rebaptized, to joining a small group, to leading somewhere. Some of these steps are fine if you don’t know anything about Jesus and are not Catholic but if you are Catholic and in the fullness of faith this type of preaching will only lead you away from the truth. I would steer clear.

I would try:


Don’t let yourself get led astray.

The YouVersion app is wonderful, and does have Catholic translations on it. All for free.

No offense, but given his track record, I doubt Michael Voris thinks very highly of or its ilk.

I wonder if anyone associated with has appeared on TBN. I do have that YouVersion app that MattofTexas initially brought up in this thread.

I doubt it. TBN is Pentecostal/charismatic Word of Faith. does not strike me as a Word-faith/prosperity gospel church. They are more closer to your normal, contemporary evangelical church.

Actually, the app apparently isn’t called “YouVersion” anymore. It’s called “Bible.”

They may dominate most of the pledge break times and have the prime time spots in the daily schedule but you can find representatives of all Trinity believing organizations from the Catholic Church to the Seventh Day Adventist both with a regularly scheduled shows and as host/guest on the daily Praise The Lord show on TBN. The other networks, Daystar and The Word seem more narrowly focused or perhaps without Mrs Crouch they just don’t get as much notice :shrug:

Oops! “YouVersion” is still the name for the Bible app. I apologize for my error.

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