Lifelike Steve Jobs doll pulled from market

A Chinese firm scrapped plans to sell a lifelike doll of Steve Jobs after his family and Apple lawyers objected.

In Icons said in a statement they “have not overstepped any legal boundaries”, but felt a “heartfelt sensitivity” to the feelings of the Jobs family.

The figurine was intended as a tribute to the Apple founder, and came with accessories such as a mock iPhone, turtleneck and New Balance sneakers.

In Icons has offered a refund to customers who had pre-ordered a doll.

The figurine, which was 12in (30.5cm) long and was to sell at $99.99 (£65), had realistic facial features that the company says had been reworked many times to achieve a lifelike appearance.

I wonder if New Balance objected to the counterfeiting as well?

And since when have Apple’s lawyers been able to affect something that comes out of China?

They’re kind of big in China.

Duh. The refund did not include the credit card processing fee… :frowning:

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