LifeLock Identity Fraud Service Finds Skeptics

From the NY Times:

** LifeLock Identity Fraud Service Finds Skeptics**

t is, without a doubt, one of the great marketing stunts in recent memory. Two years ago, Todd Davis decided to put his Social Security number in the television commercials and print advertisements for LifeLock, the company he helped found. For a fee of about $10 a month, LifeLock offers what it calls a “proven solution” that prevents its customers from becoming victims of identity theft and fraud.

. . . . .

But Mr. Davis’s stunt also amounted to a dare, and one man in Texas has already succeeded in getting a payday loan in his name.

:rotfl: :rotfl:]

Regulators and lawyers have the company in their sights, too. The state of Oklahoma accused LifeLock of selling insurance without proper certification. New York City has announced its intention to sue the company. Class-action lawyers have filed federal and state lawsuits, charging deceptive business practices and fraudulent advertising, among other things.

I don’t know about “fraudulent” but I’m not surprised somebody was able to use his identity. Advertising your SS# is just stupid.

I’m sorry but I think this is just hilarious! When you “dare” someone…they will try and try and try…and with technology the way it is now…the bad guys will win…so to speak.

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