Lifesite News and Bishop Barron

I don’t like that LSN got dirty and personal with Bishop Barron. They should have responded to Bp. Barron’s apparent equation of the issues on the merits without attacking His Excellency personally.

Those of us who are trying to be faithful to the Church but who are struggling with Pope Francis desperately need need news sources that are edifying during this difficult time. We do not need bishop bashing and calumination.


I tend to agree. It’s counterproductive.

That said, those who equate the murder of the unborn with social issues which have more than one solution are giving comfort to those who do in fact have blood on their hands.

By the way, no one seems to point out that Trump’s avoidance of pointless war also makes him a suitable person for a Catholic to vote for.


I don’t have much respect for anyone who’d take the word of LifeSiteNews over Bishop Barron.


That is a far more offensive remark than anything on Lifesite itself.


Here is a respectful remark: LSN in the past focused on prolife issues, and helping citizens respond intelligently to evils promoted by government, Planned Parenthood, and other Secular power structures. They did good work in that area, and on occasion still do.

However they reconfigured themselves into a faux Catholic website, regard the Catholic hierarchy as the main source of evil, not just on prolife but across the board.

Websites such as Chick Publications Mission to Catholics, and Catholics for Choice trash the Catholic hierarchy as well. So why does Bishop Barron mostly ignore them, but respond to LSN, and similar ones?

Well, nobody thinks Chick Publications is a Catholic ministry, but many think LSN, (or CM, 1p5, Rorate, Remnant, etc) is a Catholic ministry. People on CAF often say they are.

The need for clarification here is greater, because of that common misperception.


But Jesus was very hard on Jewish priests of His day. I would like to here Bishop Barrons response.

I would like to commandeer this topic in light of what you just mentioned. As I said above, it is VERY difficult to find Catholic news and reference sources that reject the position that Pope Francis is making doctrinal changes, but that also:

  • Recognize and Respect Francis as Pope (no sedevacantism please)…
  • Respect the hierarchy and don’t treat bishop bashing as news (bye Church Militant)
  • Accept Vatican II (bye Fish Eaters)
  • Conduct themselves in a spirit of charity (bye LSN)

@commenter or others, any recommendations to replace LSN et al. ?


This is par for the course, sadly. There is a very, very ugly and disturbing segment to American Catholic media that pushes this kind of garbage and worse.


Please don’t generalize about Americans. Case in point: Catholic Answers certainly counts as “American Catholic media” and is nothing like what you describe.

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  1. I am an American.

  2. There is some very odious “Catholic” media in the US, like Church Militant and LSN. I said nothing about Catholic Answers (which I do not group in that category).


Lifesite has had recent interviews with Dr. Scott Hahn, Bishop Schneider, Archbishop Vigano and Cardinal Burke among others. Nothing wrong with Lifesite.



To each their own, but I just don’t like their tone, so do you know where I can find a home?

(I really need to put down this phone.)

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Lifesite is not worth defending.


That’s the same reason we see supposed Catholics voting against Pro Life…because they don’t like President Trump.

There is The Wanderer but they are staunchly Pro Life and pro President Trump like Lifesite so not sure…

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Also Dr. Taylor Marshall’s Youtube channel. He puts out videos quite often…

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I like how my priest put it this weekend.

He said: A Catholic in good standing cannot vote for Joe Biden. That doesn’t mean you have to vote for President Trump, you can do a write in if you want. However, the 3 non-negotiables taught by Pope Benedict are clear. Life issues (abortion & euthanasia), family issues (one man & woman married), and parental rights regarding education (school choice and right to homeschool) come before every other issue. A politician who doesn’t match up on these three are disqualified from receiving your vote.


From what I’ve heard Cdl Burke has distanced himself from Lifesite News. AB Vigano has stopped referring to Pope Francis as ‘Pope’ and just calls him ‘Bergoglio’. It’s become deeper and deeper into a fringe site.

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Originally it was five non negotiables…abortion, so called homosexual marriage, euthanasia, fetal stem cell research and human cloning. But now we have to include infanticide, gender ideology and threat to religious liberty.

It is good that your priest is talking about this from the pulpit but I disagree with the part about write in votes. That is just a vote for abortion.


This isn’t even a part of the five non-neogotiables.

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