LifeSite & USCCB: The Golden Compass

NEW YORK (CNS) – Hollywood history is rife with examples of literary works that by dint of problematic sexual, violent or religious content have been softened to varying degrees to mollify public sensibilities.

So it appears to be with “The Golden Compass” (New Line) which, we’ll say right at the start, is a lavish, well-acted and fast-paced adaptation of “Northern Lights,” the original title of the first volume of Philip Pullman’s much-awarded trilogy, “His Dark Materials,” published in 1995.

The film has already caused some concern in Catholic circles because of the author’s professed atheism, and the more overt issue of the novels’ negative portrayal of his (very much fictionalized) church, a stand-in for all organized religion.


Thomas Peters lets the USCCB have it.


The Catholic League also criticizes USCCB as well.


Sometimes I just wonder about our bishop’s ability to teach the truth anymore. :mad:

Sadly my family and I have found that we cannot trust the information on entertainment that is on the USCCB site, We have found that some of the things that they say is good would make our hair curl.

Just read the article at :

LifeSite ( Catholic League Slams US Catholic Bishops Conference Positive Review of Golden Compass

This man who wrote the USCCB review works for the bishops and by extension, us. What’s wrong with these bishops and the people they hire?! I am so often reminded of the Scripture: "Woe to the shepherd who misleads the flock.

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I just came home a little while ago and DH was watching Harry Potter on the Family channel. When they broke for commercial, they said to “stay tuned for exciting previews of The Golden Compass”. We changed the channel as soon as we heard that,
I was :bigyikes: shocked to say the least - how could a self-proclaimed Family Channel endorse and promote such blasphemy?! I’m seriously thinking of writing them a letter. This is ridiculous - they have to know what kind of garbage this is, and knowing how many innocent kids (and adults) watch their programming - how they can do this is beyond me. I’m really dissappointed.

These are the folks that wrote a glowing review for “Brokeback Mountain”, remember. You know, the movie where the original rating was L, but was changed to O once the outcry reached a loud enough pitch for their ears to hear.


The same people who gave Mel Gibson’s Passion of the Christ an “A-III” rating! That’s close to morally offensive! They really have their heads buried in the sand. The same USCCB that shuffled around pedophile priests from one parish to another one! Why in the heck aren’t some these bishops charged with conspiracy? Why aren’t they in jail? How the heck did Kicanas get elected VP of the USCCB? How come he’s not being sued, personally? I really think it’s time to go after individuals, how does a bankrupt diocese hurt guys like that? Well, one can’t exactly get a lot of money from priests and bishops.

The USCCB is filled with a lot of men who are worthless in terms of leading a flock, have zero backbone or desire to actually serve God’s truth, and unfortunately, until they retire or simply die, the Church in the US won’t get any better. What a joke they have become; they come down on the wrong side of nearly every issue. It is embarassing to have them as leaders of our beloved church here in America.

I believe we are going through one of the worst scandals in the history of the Catholic Church since the Protestant Reformation! With so many Bishops abdicating there responsibility to teach the true Faith, to be the moral compass society, we are experiencing a kind of death. As scandalous as the sex abuse crisis is,…we have yet to address the amount of mental illness in the priesthood (26.2% in society) and the financial mismanagement and theft of too many parishes by pastors. This is and remains the longest wake in Church history, and will not end until the last of this generation of Bishops dies.

To clarify, A-III means Acceptable for adult audiences, not to be confused with L or O

But it’s close it though. It should have been rated A-I.

The bishops seem to have an uncanny ability to set up committees of foxes to watch the hen house for them - both on the national and at the diocesan level, They don’t seem to realize that they will be held personally accountable for the actions of these committees. They need a lot of prayer.

No, A-I is a rating that incudes very young children. Even though the Passion of Christ is a wonderful movie, it is not appropriate for young children–certainly not those under the age of reason or even a few years over it.

Sr Sally is right on this. An A-I is not a “more moral” film than an A-III. The difference is that one is acceptable for small children and one is acceptable for adults.

The violence in the movie was of course quite necessary to get across the sufferings of Christ, but it was depicted at a level small children would not understand and most likely find traumatic.

Whew- a proposed A-I, “suitable for all audiences” rating for Passion of the Christ? Yikes! That’s just crazy enough that I’m sort of surprised that the Bishops DIDN’T do it.

Now, giving it an “L”- “suitable for a limited audience” is more what I’d peg them for, what with all the “anti-Semitism” rampant in the film. :rolleyes:

So the gospels are anti-semitic? :whacky:

I think it is. They have a right to know the truth. Besides I don’t think that the USCCB’s rating can’t be trusted as a measure anyway.

Sadly some do claim this. :frowning:

This review from our Bishops is about what I expected and still crushingly disappointing.

Who knows what “documentation” people who lobbed that charge against the film used. Thin air, maybe?

I’ve lost confidence in our bishops ability to teach the truth.

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