Since another thread started moving toward LIfeteen as the topic, I have decided to start one on the topic of lifeteen.

What are everyones thougths, on this form of worship?

does it foster division between progressives and Traditionalists?

DOes it separate the youth from the older crowd?


You mean as in “Sunday” Mass?

Depends on those running the LifeTeen program.

My parish has a lifeteen mass every week. I think it is great though it does depend on the person who runs it. There are lifeteen masses and lifeteen youth groups that do not conflict with church law and there are others that do.

Lifeteen targets teens and now middle schoolers with there “edge” program. My experience with lifeteen has been a great one. I learned many things about the bible and how to defend my faith.

Hope this helps

I would like to let you know that Life Teen has been discussed on this Forum before. The opinions have been strong on both sides. In my parish Father has asked the senior members of the parish what do they think about our youth. They think it wonderful that the youth take an active part. Our LT Mass is always open to everybody. In fact it’s encouraged and talked about bringing your family and inviting other young people to church.

Yes the success of a Life Teen program depends on who is running the parish progam. The LT program can be strictly followed according to what materials the national LT staff sends out every quarter to parishes that has a subscription. Or it could be so watered down that a parish program is an LT program in name only, and everthing else in between. The program is adaptable to fit the parish needs. They are recommendations.

Hi Dauphin,

You know what I think of your disgusting lttle smilie. Which by the way is uncalled for, disrespectful, crude, rude and un-necessary. :nope: :tsktsk: :bigyikes:

Please if you wish to respond,don’t use those kind of responses. Thank you

The Traditional Latin Mass is the perfect “teen” Mass. Young people want sacred, transcendent liturgy, not sickly guitar-strumming.

I was forced to go to a Lifeteen mass today for the first time in many years. While things have improved, the music was absolutely horrible. I brought the music sheet home to my mother and she said it reminded her of the music that they used to sing in the 70s and 80s:eek: . I was very disappointed in that, but was glad to see improvements in other areas.

I’m a teen and don’t really care for this life teen whatnot. I don’t want to be bribed to come to mass with drums and crazy music; if anything it turns me off. People think just because I’m young that I like this music? THINK AGAIN. All I need to do is fulfill my Sunday obligation and to receive Jesus in the Eucharist. As if receiving Him in Holy Communion is not enough for some people.

The lifeteen mass is just as valid as the latin mass because the lifeteen mass is considered the ordinary form of the mass. This means that the lifeteen mass is on level ground with the traditional latin mass. Neither mass is better or more perfect than the other.

The LifeTeen movement isn’t the problem. However, the way they handle their liturgies is. What many of the proponents seem to forget is this very telling statement made by the Fathers of the 2005 Synod on the Eucharist. In their working document, the Fathers noted that:

In other responses some lamented the poor quality of translations of liturgical texts and many musical texts in current languages, maintaining that they lacked beauty and were sometimes theologically unclear, thereby contributing to a weakening of Church teaching and to a misunderstanding of prayer.*** A few responses made particular mention of music and singing at Youth Masses. In this regard, it is important to avoid musical forms which, because of their profane use, are not conducive to prayer. Some responses note a certain eagerness in composing new songs, to the point of almost yielding to a consumer mentality, showing little concern for the quality of the music and text, and easily overlooking the artistic patrimony which has been theologically and musically effective in the Church’s liturgy.***

This section aptly describes the music at LifeTeen. In fact, I asked the music director at my parish why we have to use this banal stuff and she said that it’s designed to make the Mass more interesting for the young people. :eek:

Sorry, but, that is bad theology. We are not here to make the Mass interesting. The Mass makes the Passion, Death and Resurrection present for us. At every Holy Sacrifice we are there. If you want to generate a buzz, use this kind of stuff for the retreats, but, leave the Mass alone.

The quality and theology of the music is bad. This afternoon, I heard “Rain Down” and the beginning of the piece sounded like the theme song from the Jeffersons. How are we handing down the faith to the next generation?

It will be interesting to see what changes will be made to the music at World Youth Day. Given the fact that the Holy Father has indeed set some parameters, let’s see if the organizers will take heed, or, if they will ignore him just as those who planned that terrible and banal music for the Nationals Stadium Mass.

I LOVE the Lifeteen masses!!!
Now we all have to keep in mind that these masses have to have been apporoved by your bishop, which also means that it was approved by Rome. So don’t go on ranting about how all this music is not acceptable and blah, blah, blah. We are under the jurisdiction of our bishops. The pope just guieds the Church. We sometimes underestimate the power of individual bishops in the Church.

Many teens get more out of a lifeteen that a non lifeteen one. I don’t think many of them go there because they are bribed into it. I go to both a normal mass and, if I have time, a lifeteen mass. If a teenager can go to a lifeteen mass that is fully orthodox (within liturgical teachings of the church) and get more out of it than a normal mass, then they should.

and by the way, please show me a church document that forbids drums, keyboards, the other instruments, and the songs that they sing at a lifeteen mass.

Both are valid, but there’s nothing in the faith which requires us to acknowledge that the two liturgies are equal - they’re certainly not.

please take time to read my above post!

I did.

well that jus goes to show you.

I would label you insane if it were in my abilities and powers. How can you even suggest that one eucharist is not on the same level as another. You are basically saying that Jesus is more present in the Eucharist at a TLM mass than a lifeteen mass. How dare you!!! :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad:

Calm down. Re-read the post. I didn’t suggest that at all. I’m referring to the prayers of the Mass, not the validity of the Sacrifice.

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