Lifetime penance?


During confession today, the priest told me to try and “read the bible and pray the Rosary everyday”. I thought it was a good idea and thought it was just advice and not my penance, but walking out of the confessional, I realized that I was not given any other penance, so maybe THIS was my penance.
So does this mean I can never really complete my penance and would have to do it for the rest of my life?

I can’t go back and ask for clarification because I was on vacation and am far away from this church. I know my sins are forgiven regardless of the penance but I’m not really sure what to do. I do want to try to read the bible daily and pray the Rosary but I feel odd about it being a penance I can never actually finish.


I doubt it was your actual penance. I would suggest speaking to your parish priest about it. :slight_smile:



Fr. Grondin answered an almost identical question a few days ago in the Ask an Apologist forum.


Unusual penance but wonderful idea!GodBless!


Always choose your priest wisely. At school, we would always choose the priest who gave 15 decades of the rosary. That way we missed latin class for the day.
The priest’s advice on the other thread seems very wise.


I agree with the priest in the other thread. Ask a priest in your home parish.


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