Lifeway Christian Store is anti-Catholic

Don’t know if this is the right place, but I attempted to purchase some Catholic medals earlier today. I went to a Lifeway Christian Store and was shocked to learn that they didn’t sell any.

Upon further review, the salesman told me that the Lifeway Stores have been bought and are controlled by the “Southern Baptist Convention” and that it was their decision not to carry ANYTHING Catholic related in their stores.

I know that they are a privately owned Christian store, but to not carry anything Catholic…at all? That was greatly disappointing to me.

Simple: go somewhere else :).

For the same reason you won’t find anything written by James White, John Calvin or Martin Luther at the parish Catholic bookstore :smiley:

I have run inot this also when I lived in GA. I went to a “Christian” book store and was looking for Catholic items. When I asked about them they said “Oh no this is a Christian book store, we dont carry Catholic things”.


I can only imagine what Jesus will say to the people who foment bigotry and division in His Church.

I don’t like it but I think that is an over use of the term anti-Catholic. Would you expect the local Catholic gift shop attached to a parish to sell Protestant items that are out of line with the Catholic Church? I wouldn’t. If they are owned by the Southern Baptist Convention then it is not anti-Catholic for them to promote materials in line with their religion. (as incorrect as they may be)

This is incredibly silly. Do you consider Catholic bookstores to be anti-Protestant for not selling Protestant paraphernalia? Are they also anti-Jewish for not selling menorahs?

A company making the decision to not provide a particular service isn’t evidence of the owners being bigoted against people in search of such services. Get back to me when you actually find anti-Catholic materials at these stores.

Sorry, I don’t think it is ok for a “Christian” bookstore to say that Catholicism is not Christianity. That’s a Jack Chick level of consciousness.

If a Christian bookstore is going to exclude Catholicism from its definition of Christianity, it’s bigotry plain and simple.

They either ought to rename themselves as “Lifeway Baptist Bookstores” or be inclusive of Christianity, which has a very large Catholic constituency. Making Catholics feel like they don’t qualify as Christians is the eyes of your “Christian Bookstore” is rather shocking to me.

Telling him that their “Christian” bookstore chooses not to carry any Catholic materials is really rather shocking and insulting, and a clear implication that they don’t view Catholics as genuine Christians.

They should rename their bookstores “Protestant” bookstores if that is the way they choose to do business.

Did tell you worshipped Mary?

Did he call you a member of a cult?

Did he call you a cannibal?

Did he call you a papist?

It has the name “Christian” in the title of the store. Catholicism is a Christian based religion. Without overthinking, one would assume that there would be some Christian supplies/materials that would encompass the Protestant sects, non-denoms, and Catholics based off just the title of “Christian” being in the store.

Additionally, the Lifeway store used to sell and abundance of Catholic related items. Yet as the salesman informed me, the SBC chose to remove all Catholic items from the store. He told me that he gets inquiries like mine weekly. Frankly he was jaded from it and I could tell the way he spoke about the SBC changing everything up in the store. He himself told me that it wasn’t fair to exclude Catholics and was deeply sorry. He even tried referring me to a mom and pop Christian store to find some medals, alas they didn’t have any either because they told me they only “carry the crosses” the don’t sell them.

Isn’t this an example of “religious freedom” that the store owners are expressing? :rolleyes:

I’m sorry, but going into a Southern Baptist store and asking for specifically Catholic items is like going into a kosher deli and asking for pork chops. Or like going into the OLAM Shrine gift shop and asking for a Scofield Reference Bible. Educated Catholics should know better.

What do you mean “their religion”?

Baptists are Christians just like Catholics. I take it that you meant denomination?

“Catholicism is a Christian based religion”? What do you mean? Catholicism isn’t a religion.

I am saddened and surprised to hear this about Lifeway. I wonder how long ago these stores were taken over by the SBC. I used to live in a small town where the only Christian store was Lifeway and they had a pretty decent Catholic section. I purchased many gifts there for special Catholic occasions like Confirmation and First Communion- and even bought a good amount of Christmas gifts there! In my former town, at least, the Catholic Church didn’t have a gift shop and Lifeway was my only source for medals, crucifixes, etc. unless I ordered online. I am sorry that the SBC took over these stores, and I agree with the OP- the removal of all things Catholic from a Christian bookstore is decidedly anti-Catholic. If they only want to carry Baptist things, they should change their name to Lifeway BAPTIST Store. :mad:

While the idea of them not selling Catholic things is not necessarily anti catholic, they do sell books about evangelizing people out of the Catholic Church.

They used to sell Boettner’s Roman Catholicism, but fortunately they no longer do. I will also give them credit for carrying Mark Knoll’s “Is the reformation over” a very catholic friendly book that impacted my conversion.

So the verdict for me is that they are a baptist bookstore in every sense of the word but increasingly ecumenical, with some work yet to be done.

I can’t believe anyone is surprised either.
I would never go to one of those places and expect to find Catholic medals.
True story: a past priest at our parish went to Sears to buy a 14k gold crucifix necklace for his niece being confirmed. The girl behind the counter pointed to some small crosses and said " do you want the plain one or the kind with the little man on it?"

He smiled and said, pull up a stool young lady, and I’m going to tell you a story about the “little man”.
She said she was amazed. Nobody ever told her that was Jesus Christ depicted.
Nothing surprises me anymore.

Patronize one of the many online family owned Catholic shops online. :thumbsup:

Again, I had no idea it was a Southern Baptist store.

I used Siri on my iPhone to find a religious items shop. This Lifeway was closer and I had never been in it before. I wasn’t expecting it to be a St. Peter’s square giftshop/vendor. I presumed they would have a small turnstyle case of some Catholic medals on a counter. Maybe a few Catholic books for sale, and possibly an oversized Crucifix.

It’s simple and surprising mistake. To call me out that I’m not educated on it is taking it to an unnecessary level.

I know how you feel. I once when into a cake shop and they didn’t have any sporting goods for sale. :whacky:

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