Lift High the Cross

We have used the song Lift High the Cross as an Entrance Hymn.

  Has your church used Lift High the Cross?        

Absolutely, and it is used at our Cathedral as the entrance hymn for the Rite of Election for RCIA. It is a most fitting hymn for this.

Yes. In particular, it is a favorite of the Knights of Columbus worldwide.

Yes. It is quite the bummer that I cannot sing. Thank the Good Lord for our wonderful choir.

Yes :thumbsup:

I didn’t know about this song.

The title is good. :slight_smile:


Yes, we use the hymn “Lift High the Cross.” It is a wonderful hymn, and an example, at least in my opinion, of a hymn from the 20th century that may remain in use over time. It has a strong, rousing tune, and inspiring, orthodox words. It’s a great choice for Mass.

Yes, especially on certain feast days.

This hymn was also very popular in most of the Evangelical Protestant churches that I was part of for the first 47 years of my life.

I really like the hymn. The words and the melody usually used are very strong.

It’s funny, because the first time I ever heard of this hymn (I am 42 years old) it was about 14 years ago in a Methodist church. The old lady who helped the homeless there was so devout and holy. She said she didn’t read any other book besides the Bible. My whole life I had grown up with NALR and St. Louis Jesuits and OCP type stuff; I had begun singing in choir that year, and we were doing more OCP and CCM type stuff, well, this lady Gretchen asked me if I’d ever heard “Lift High the Cross” and I was perplexed. She sang a few bars for me and it was totally unfamiliar. It was not until several years later when I would actually hear and sing that hymn in a Catholic church. So score one more for the Protestants here.

Seems like Palm Sunday was a popular day for this one (as a recessional) when I used to attend Holy Name Cathedral. Also it was one of the first pieces I learned on the organ, having beautiful chords and rhythm. Very popular with the Lutherans.

I liked the words more before they were altered to soften the “warfare” theme. For example, “Each Christian soldier” was changed to “Each Christian servant.” There are several other examples in that hymn.

We sing this as well. Although, the lyrics changed somewhat. One example: Come, Christians, follow where our Captain trod changed to *where *the Master trod.

:knight1::knight1::knight1: Verse 2 begins:
Led on their way by this triumphant sign

 Truly the Cross of Christ is a triumphant sign!!!      

We use it often at my church, Holy Cross, either as a processional or recessional hymn.

We have used Lift High the Cross during Lent.

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