Light of the World - Your Impressions of a Thesis and Discussion

I just finished my first read of Light of the World- My impression for a possible thesis is as follows:

The role of the Catholic Church in today’s darkening society, is to shine the Light of Christ Love in the form of Object Truths rather than relative falsehoods into the darkest crevices of the world; even when that world is Herself.

This was discussed in Pope Benedict’s frank discussion of the Williamson affair, the sex abuse scandals, the great works done in ecumenical talks, the Church’s role in the environment, and how the Church is discriminated against and cannot be embrace relativism when it comes to sexual morals.

So these are my first thoughts. What about anyone else?

By the way one quote I thoroughly enjoyed was:

Today it is still the major task of the Church to unite faith and reason with each other, to write looking beyond what is tangible and rational responsibility at the same time. For after all, reason was given to us by God It is what distinguishes man.

And another - hey just trying to spark conversation:

One thing we can do is inquire more precisely into the question of the validity of marriages. Up to now, canon law has taken for granted that someone who contracts a marriage knows what marriage is. Assuming the existence of this knowledge, the marriage is then valid ad indissoluble. But in the present confusion of opinions, in today’s completely new situation, what people “know” is that divorce is supposedly normal. So we have to deal with the question of how to recognize validity and where healing is possible. This will always remain a struggle. But that is no reason not to maintain the standard or to capitulate. That would not raise the moral level of society. Preserving this difficult teaching as a standard by which people can continue to measure themselves is a necessary task to prevent further disasters. (pg 144)

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