I don’t think that, that would be a good idea.:eek::mad:


It seems with prison overcrowding in many areas anything to keep people out of jail. Sigh.


The problem is really for profit prisons, they have an incentive to arrest as many people as possible, and for sentences to be as long as possible. this what they really need to address and overhaul.

Furthermore, Im a bit surprised we still have prisons, especially since we now know prison just makes a person a better, more hardened criminal, it does not rehabilitate a person, like it was supposed to do, so by sending all these people here, an then releasing them, all we are doing is paying alot of money to make them better criminals, making sure they make more criminal contacts which they can use when they get out.

I think the entire criminal justice system is in bad need of a major overhaul, in modern times, we must look at the reasons why we are sending someone to prison and what we hope to accomplish by it…since prisons everywhere are overflowing, its pretty clear what we have been doing, is NOT working though, hard to believe, all the smart people in the world, and NO ONE has come up with something better in all these years???


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