Lighthearted comments about the Holy Spirit, are they wrong?


I had just learned more in detail the common sin of, Using the Lords name in vain. But what about the Holy Spirit? I am talking to a very nice woman from Church. We met in church and are both devoted practicing Catholics. When she comes over to the house we may slightly snuggle on the couch with a pillow. A pillow she started calling the “Holy Spirit pillow”. The pillow is between us of course. The meaning behind it, is a friendly reminder that she is saying with her prop. “Hey, I like you but we both have boundaries that the church says we have to respect.” And I understand that. But should the Holy Spirit be taken in that contents? Is it sinful and disrespectful to make comments about the Holy Spirit this way?


Since it’s a joke made in the service of obedience to God’s commands, I’m pretty sure that God wouldn’t be at all offended. “If you love Me, keep My commandments.” (John 14:15)

Her joke is based on the old nun/Catholic school maxim that dancers should leave enough room between them for the Holy Spirit – which is also a joke, obviously, since the Holy Spirit isn’t made of atoms!

Obviously, if she were mocking the requirement, that would be different. But mockery of holy things and even blasphemy can be committed without explicitly using any Divine Name. It’s the intent that matters.

Of course, if it is scandalizing you, just ask her to stop calling it that, or let her know that the joke is getting old. But since it sounds like she means well, you should also try to be understanding; just let her know it bothers you without trying to make her feel bad.

Actually, there are many animals, plants, objects, art terms, etc. that refer to the Lord and to His saints. We don’t hear them much in English, because the English language got kinda purged by anti-Catholic and anti-religious forces over the years. But you hear them a lot in other European languages. But we still have a few plant names like marigold (Mary-gold) and ladyslippers (Our Lady’s slippers), and that’s the opposite of blasphemous use of names; they are honors paid to Our Lord and His saints.

Many European churches have a feature which is known as the “Holy Ghost hole.” It’s a little skylight or trapdoor in the church ceiling from which petals or confetti can be dropped, or special decorations lowered, on the great feast days. They’re particularly associated with red rose petals or dove models on Pentecost, and hence they’re called “Holy Ghost hole.” (They also get used for things like lowering Baby Jesus into his crib, or models of angels, or the Magi’s Star.) Again, this isn’t offensive, even though it’s half-joke and half-descriptive. God made us to enjoy a little humor in the way we word things.

Btw, there’s a good free Catholic audiobook called “The Joy and Humor of the Saints.” You can get it over at Alleluia Audiobooks. I think you would enjoy it and learn from it.


Shes really nice, and im sure she didnt mean it to be cruel disrespectful to anything Holy. But I remember seeing an article where Pope Fancis says we should not joke about religion. I thought this might fall in that category.


I don’t think it’s disrespectful. And I’m pretty darn conservative.:smiley:

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