Lighthouse Talks from Augustine Institute


Father asked me to listen to a stack of CD’s to choose from them to wittle down to a couple that he will order in multiples: some to bring with us when we go door to door evangelizing and some to share with those who already attend our Mass at our Churches.

The 2 so far I’ve picked out of the stack because they have familiar names are:

“The Bible Made Me Do It” by Tim Staples -------GREAT one and Tim is an awesome speaker

“The Mass Explained” by Father Larry Richards------Also GREAT and he really tells it like it is

“I’m Not Being Fed” by Jeff Cavins----VERY GOOD CD and Jeff really is so strong in his defense of the Faith

“The Truth” by Father Larry Richards------Wonderful Cd. Always tells it like it is.

“No Turning Back” by Father Donald Calloway-----No matter how many times & versions I hear of Father Calloway’s story I am touched beyond belief. He is just a miracle walking, THE poster child for Divine Mercy and graced and blessed beyond anything I ever hear dof before.

In the stack also “No Turning Back-Teenage Rebel to Catholic Priest” by Father Donald Calloway. This one is DEFINITELY a GREAT one, I listened to it a couple of years ago and then got his video “Extreme Mercy II” that left me BAWLING, and his book “Champions of The Rosary” which is AMAZING! . It still brings me to tears to hear what God did in this young man’s life and how much love and mercy he showed him. Like Father Calloway says he could be the poster child for Divine Mercy. If anybody doubts that they can be forgiven of their sins they need to listen to Father Calloway’s story.

As I go through the stack listening to the other Cd’s I’ll try to remember to post here about them.


Thanks for the list. I like all of Fr. Larry Richards’ talks. He’s a great speaker and really knows the faith. I got to see him at a men’s conference a few years ago. My parents got to see Fr. Donald Calloway last year and said he was great. Some of these people I would not be surprised if they were declared saints centuries from now. They are very good people.


Father John Riccardo does podcasts and some of his homilies are online also Father Mike Schmitz has AWESOME short videos explaining the Catholic faith, homilies online and he also has a couple of Cd’s with Lighthouse.


Yes, there are lots of great stuff at Lighthouse/Augustine Institute. My parish has a kiosk of their books/CDs and we also have a subscription. Lots of good stuff. :+1: I’m always interested to hear which particular talks others find the most powerful/helpful.


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