Lighting candles during adoration

I realize this may be a silly question, but I have been wondering so I thought I would just ask.

I have been going to an adoration chapel near my work for several years and I have always wondered why they don’t have votive candles in the chapel.

I would love to light a candle every visit but there aren’t any. I have to go to the main church to light a candle - I know its not that big of deal… but sometimes it does feel like a big deal to go out to the main church. :slight_smile:

is there a church rule that says no votive candles in the adoration chapels?

My parish has them in the adoration chapel, so I doubt there’s a Church-wide rule against them.

It may just be a logistics issue for the chapel - space, no proper rack available, concerns for fire safety, etc.

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thanks… I think I am going to ask. My sister has cancer and I have been stopping more often I just would love to light a candle for her. I just didn’t want to ask if there was a rule - because I don’t know all of the rules that for sure

My church does not have votive candles - I’m going to have to find out why. It is open during the day for prayer.

Our church does not, and the pastor has explained that it is because the cost of insurance skyrockets for having open flames in our particular building (that might not apply in all churches depending on construction, designation of historically significant status, etc etc).


Our church, and other churches I’ve seen, have electric votive candles in the chapel and main church.

We use real candles for Mass, but it’s probably fire/insurance concerns why they switched out the votives.

Not as nice, maybe, but certainly better than nothing!

If your church has none, ask if they can install electric candles.

My friend’s parish has votive candles (electric - ugh!) in their adoration chapel, another parish has them outside of the chapel in the hallway and the RC parish near me only has candles (real - :pray:!) on the altar.

Electric lights are fine, and not as messy.

Electric candles don’t really fit the aesthetic of our church…to put it mildly. :wink:

Maybe someone needs to work on that, invent a more aesthetic electric candle? In my home, I have 2 electric fireplaces, and they look fine.

The fire insurance is a big thing. Church fires are no joke, and are actually statistically pretty frequent. A few years ago, I looked through the diocesan archives, and saw how many church fires there have been over the years, its actually pretty incredible.

I’d say fire insurance and also space. Most of the adoration chapels I have been in are pretty small. One of them only holds 4 people max. Not only is there no room in these chapels for a candle rack, and it’s a fire hazard, but if you are in that small, enclosed space with a rack of candles, the room temp would get hot. Electric candles from what I have read are not all that popular, and often I’ve found they do not light after I’ve put in my money.

A nearby church (not mine but I do go there sometimes) has electric candles and IMO, look so fake.
On the other hand, I have battery operated fake candles in my home that look real.
Maybe they could find some for the church that look real.

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