lighting candles

What is the small candles that people light and what is it for? Is it for praying for others? and what is the background on that such as historical basis? I don’t recall anyone saying anything about that during RCIA class.

Here are a couple websites with answers for you.

It’s a beautiful practice and my understanding (little though it is) is that the candle is a sign of our prayer, often to a particular devotion of Our Lord or Our Lady, or special saint whose intercession we request for a particular need. The candle “reminds” them to keep praying for us after we’ve left the church.

I’m sure the learned posters here can do better but I see not many answered yet.

That’s what my understanding has been (still is).

Lighting a candle is symbolic of offering up prayer and/or a specific intention.

The candle represents Christ. In older churches (and still in some places), the candles were/are made from pure beeswax. This represents the purity of Christ. The flame represents that Christ is the Light of the world.

In lighting a candle, we are offering up our prayers, uniting them with the whole Body of Christ, and therefore to Christ Himself. All this we do in the power of the Holy Spirit, who enables us to prayer with greater devotion, and prays what we cannot/know not how to pray.

In the power of the Holy Spirit, united to Christ, our prayers are offered to the Father of all Lights, our beloved God and Abba. And He hears our prayers- not only because He knows all, but because we are His beloved children.

As such, lighting the candle also holds Trinitarian symbolism as well.

Finally, it is not only an act of piety, but also traditionally one of charity. Many parishes have an offering box, where you can put some money. Some of this goes to pay for the cost of the candles, but also much of it goes to various charities, the upkeep of the parish, etc. etc.

In addition to the above, many who see the lit candles will also offer a prayer for the intention of those who lit them!

I was always told that as long as the candle burned it (the candle) your pray was still being said.

I see it in many churches,were people light candles.
Most of the people light them for others that are sick,or they light them for people having that problems ,they also light light them for their Ill.ness

Well, of course, ultimately we can’t know whether that’s true, can we. It’s a nice idea, but I don’t see how it would work for the people whose candles I blow out when I’m locking up the church at night, because of the fire risk and insurance conditions. Doesn’t that mean I’d be bringing their prayers to an end rather unfairly?

IN my parish they have a certain area,were the candles are in a area were they can,t start a fire,and each have a sand ,so if they break,it won,t spread else were.

Rather, the burning candle is a symbol that your prayer continues on…

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