Lightning destroys gigantic Jesus statue along Ohio interstate

For those unfamiliar with the Cincinnati area; the above is a picture of what some Ohioans lovingly refered to as “Touchdown Jesus” which stood a towering 6 stories as part of a large Evangelical complex along interstate I-75. It was struck by lightning last night and burned to the ground; leaving nothing but it’s metal frame.

A musical tribute!:smiley:

Dang, I have always like that statue. It would be nice if they rebuilt it.

I think the statue looked a bit odd and out of proportion and out of place. Also, I wonder why it was only half of Christ? I had never heard of it before, but the pictures just look strange to me. Anyway, here is a related article with video links.

"Giant Jesus struck by lightning, burns
Some church members say it’s a sign.

MONROE, Ohio (WDTN) - A large statue of Jesus that has been seen by millions across the country was destroyed by a fire late Monday night."…

A sign? Yeah, I think it’s a sign that you should include grounding if you’re going to build a 6 story tall statue made of highly flamable materials.

Yep, I agree. It’s a sign that if one builds a giant lightning rod that sticks up 60 feet in the air, it will get struck by lightning.

Another article. This one states that travelers on Interstate 75 were startled to come upon the huge statue near the roadway. 'Ya think? I would think that could be rather startling.

"6-story Jesus statue in Ohio struck by lightning
Sculpture nicknamed ‘Touchdown Jesus’ because of way arms were raised

MONROE, Ohio - A six-story-tall statue of Jesus Christ with his arms raised along a highway was struck by lightning in a thunderstorm Monday night and burned to the ground, police said."…

Entire article:

Haha. I remember when it was first constructed and there was a controversy about it because it was credited for distracting a number of motorists; causing several accidents. It certainly distracted me the first time I saw it.

Not to pull a Beau Moderator, but I’m curious why this is posted on the Politics board. The article is unbiased and only states the facts. There doesn’t seem to be any political bent to this at all.

Am I missing something?

It was a message from God that ND should not join the Big 10. Next time he will go after the real thing

I wondered about that too.

I agree, I looked at that picture and thought “huh?”:smiley:

Maybe the next one will be better grounded.

I could definitely see that thing distracting me from my driving.

This is clearly a sign from the Almighty Thor that he is deeply displeased with the worship of other gods.

:rotfl: Good point.

Best explanation yet. :thumbsup:

I can think of much better uses for the money to be allocated to rebuild the statue, but since it isn’t my money…:shrug:

"Hallelujah: ‘Touchdown Jesus’ Will Be Resurrected

The police say lightning initially sparked the right hand of “Touchdown Jesus,” burning the landmark statue to the ground. The good news: He’ll be back. (via Dayton Daily News)."…

Entire article:

"Original artist offers help with new Jesus statue

MONROE, Ohio – An artist who designed an Ohio church’s giant statue of Jesus that was destroyed by lightning this week says he’s willing to help replace it."…

Read more here:

I for one am not sorry to see it go. The symbolism of the image is used often on the evangelical and fundamentalist anti-catholic tracts constantly put on car windows, left in laundra-mats and waiting rooms, etc here. The empty, discarded cross with the latin ( to the publishers, distinctively “Roman Catholic”) INRI inscription. A rising Jesus looking to the heavens. The title usually something about “Jesus is risen, not on the cross!” or “Our Jesus is ALIVE! Not dead on a cross” or “Why is your Jesus still on the cross…” etc. The contents on the tract then continues along the usual anti-catholic points that venerating Jesus on the cross is idolatry, Praying to Mary is giving her worship due only to God,etc etc.

Hope they build a less anti-catholic version next time around :slight_smile:

I wouldn’t have particularly cared for that statue, either.

Of course, we won’t even comment about the symbolism of it being struck by lightning…:wink:

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