Liguori books?

I have a series of books that I just recently aquired and they seem to have a liberal slant to them. One of the sited sources are the book called “Catholicism” by Fr. Richard McBrien. There are 8 books in this series:

Has anyone read these? Are they safe to read? I’m leary about reading these because of some of the references cited as to where the info came from.

Some of these books don’t have an Imprimatur (I know that is not required anymore but it helps me to know its safe).

I’m sure these books also have some good info in them, but how do I sift through the good and the bad? My faith is still not strong enough for me to spot many of these things. These books are also here for the rest of my family to read and I don’t want their faith confused either.

Any advice would be helpful. Or any info on reviews for these books that you know of. Thanks and God bless.

Anyone know?

if you are talking about the essential Catholic Handbook series you linked, I have some of them here, and none of them are authored by Fr. Richard O’Brien (the ND theology prof who has been the topic of much dispute). they are useful and reliable for what they are, exactly that, handbooks, with basic intro to the various topics, linked to the CCC. I have 4 of them here, and the sources they ref. are CCC, Vatican docs, bible etc. with a few other works from which brief quotes and chapter headings have been taken. None ref’s this priest, and he is not listed in their authors on the catalog site, or in the most recent catalog I have.

In general, I have found their publications reliable for our use, which is mostly RCIA, they are not the best on the market but with very few exceptions (poor choice of words or editing in a few cases out of 100s of pages) have never found anything objectionable. Their benefit is the availability of Spanish translations for most of their catechetical and RCIA materials.

Sorry, I didn’t mean to imply he wrote the books, but I have a couple that he is indeed listed in the sources cited for referenced works. That’s what gave me cause for concern.

I had always thought their books were a bit bent to the left, but that’s just me.

Anyone else have an opinion on these books?

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