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Hi guys, this is a very silly question, but recently I have liked a few pages such is christian daily, and a fan made Jesus Christ page. But I’ve noticed that those 2 pages in particular have about 10 posts each day, and they are all asking for people to like and share them. I understand this may sound very mean of me to say, but It gets kind of annoying and floods my wall from all the liking and sharing. Is this considered a sin? :

You have to be more specific. Do you mean is unliking the page a sin? Or do you mean is removing the posts from your wall a sin? Neither one is sinful. I never like those pages because of the very reason that they crowd up my timeline. Jesus isn’t going to give people an extra incentive in Heaven for a social networking page. Just relax it really is no big deal.

As soon as the junk appears on my newsfeed, I hide it. I’ve got a couple of Facebook friends who spam my newsfeed with constant liking and sharing of pictures, I think that’s all they do, that I eventually auto hid the person all together (i’m still friends with them, but none of their liking and sharing appears on my newsfeed).

Yes, these posts can be rather annoying.
“like if you love God, keep scrolling if you love the devil”
Oh brother…

You are under no obligation under pain of sin to click “like” or “share” on Facebook. Anyone that implies otherwise is being deceptive.

Personally, I never “like” or “share” such pages (or forward such emails). I am not going to support or encourage people that have to resort to emotional manipulation to get people to spread their message.

If Jesus Himself operated His own Facebook page, it might be a different story. But since it really is “just some guy” that runs those sorts of pages, we certainly have no obligation to spread their particular views on who Jesus is.

About the only time i’ll like or share a meaningless photo (I define meaningless if it’s one of those “your ecard pictures” or pictures asking you to like and share or any other picture not associated with his or her immediate family) is if it’s in support of the military or our troops serving over seas.

Thanks guy :slight_smile: Because I started stressing over this, and sometimes I would even apologize to god for not liking and sharing (yeah lol I know sounds very dumb)

You’re being scrupulous. After the first time, it gets rather old when you see “click like if Jesus is always welcomed in your home” as he’s knocking on your front door or the picture of “you don’t need Twitter to follow Jesus”.

I understand. The impulse to not want to offend Jesus is a good impulse. But we also need to be careful not to make our faith something superstitous. A lot of those things seem like ploys to me “Post this as your status update or Jesus will be ashamed of you on Judgment Day.” Really? I don’t think so. :rolleyes:

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