Liked post is blocked


Why is a post which is liked by several people in the community, blocked? Don’t the people who like the post have an equal right with those who oppose it? What’s the logic behind this?


Could you maybe link to the post? If it has violated forum rules, which is why it would be blocked, then it doesn’t matter how many people liked it.


I’ve already made changes to it. But the likes were for the original post. If you’re a moderator, you can probably access the original contents.

Thanks for responding.


I think that some people confuse the likes and flags. They are not meant to simply be opposites as if a “flag” is merely a “thumbs down”/dislike or as if a “like” is an “unflag.” They serve different functions.

Flags are to denote posts that break forum rules. It doesn’t matter how many users like a post if the post is uncharitable or if it breaks forum rules.

And if a certain number of posters (known to CAF staff, but unknown to us) flag a post, that post is automatically hidden (not blocked). Anyone who chooses can still click on it and read the post as it is pending moderator review. Then the moderator reviews it and either agrees and pulls the offending post, or disagrees and unhides it.

Obviously any system is going to have strengths and weaknesses. I think it has been working pretty well. Any “hidden” post I have come across thus far (even ones that have been liked by others) hasn’t been difficult for me to understand why it was hidden.


Not a mod, sorry. Is it post 43? If so, I can read it just fine.


I have no idea how to find the numbers. Anyway, if you’re not a mod, don’t worry about it. Thanks.


I mean, it being against forum rules is the only thing I can think of as to why it would be blocked.


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