"Likes" used up notice


I am fundamentally opposed to the category of “likes” but I use them to show agreement with the position in the post.

I am very annoyed by the “limit” on likes, and the window that appears telling me I am “out of likes” and that I need to “wait X amount of time”.

I don’t care if my “likes” will “count” toward some sort of popularity contest. Why can’t I just keep “liking” what someone says without it counting toward some secret total?

Or if they MUST stop being counted toward some secret total, is it necessary to notify me every time? Can’t they just stop adding to whatever secret total there is?


I can’t answer you about the number of likes, I’ve never really thought of it in that way.

If you go to ‘notifications’ under your profile, there is an option to change how often you receive notifications for likes.


I agree, and I have liked you comment accordingly.


Each “level” of user gets to give so many “likes” per day. These get recorded and provide “credit” toward social promotion on the board (you can earn badges by liking other people’s posts and by being liked by other members).

When a member has used their allotted number of “likes” in a 24 hour period, continued “likes” will be recorded on the post but won’t “count” toward social promotion. This shift is accompanied by a window that pops up and tells you that you don’t have any “likes” left.

It is systemic and cannot be edited in the profile.


That is actually not true. It looks like the post is liked but if you refresh the page the heart will lose its color.


Hm, interesting. I’ve never received a notification like that, so I guess I’ve never run out of likes. So I guess either my daily quota of likes is pretty high, or I just don’t “like” a lot of posts. I’ve never counted the number of likes I give in a day, so I wouldn’t know. Btw, does everyone have the same quota? Or do I have a high quota 'cause my track record on CAF is so good? And why is the quota secret? Can you check your own quota? I’d never thought about any of this.


Yes. If you click your own icon it will lead you to your statistics. How many likes you gave how many you received. You can see this info for other users as well. It’s not a secret.
The sum of likes given or received can get you badges that are also visible under the category “badges” it opens up if you click the 3 lines at the left. You can see there what badges you can get and how many likes you need to get there.
Edit: it is not called Statistics but Summary and it is on the scrolling window at the left of your screen after you click on your own user name or avatar.


Oh I didn’t realize that! That will better inform my efforts. I though I was at least able to show affirmation for others. How disappointing. :sob:

I have not counted them either, but it seems that the system does, and there is no way to know how many you used, or have left, unless you keep hashmarks.

I guess is is just more invisible data collection, like the moderators.

Invisible non-personal controllers.

No the more popular you are, the more you are alloted.

Your 'track record" now is all based upon popularity and social (peer) support. The more “likes” your posts get, the more popular you are, and the more “advances” you get, and the more “likes” you get to have.

Honestly, I don’t know. I guess it is because they don’t want members working for a specific goal (to get the privilege of more likes) but to comply with the somewhat inexplicable “rules”, gain popularity, and advance without knowing for sure how it happened.

No, one of the things I miss about the old forum.

I didn’t either until I kept getting annoying messages that I was "out of likes’. It is absurd, really. What could possibly be the purpose for preventing members from affirming other members?

You can, but you have no frame of reference. You are not allowed to know how many you need to acquire to attain social advancement and obtain a higher quota of likes. That part is a secret.


This is interesting. I don’t see this when I click on my icon.


Thanks but I knew that. You can see how often you got liked, and how often you liked other posts. But what I meant (and what I think the OP meant) was the quota, i.e. the maximum number of likes you are allowed to give per day. (I don’t even know if the limit is a daily limit or a weekly or whatever. It just seems that the OP is talking about some sort of limit, and I don’t see that limit listed anywhere in my summary page.)

What kind of advances are there? The only one I know about is “Regular member” status. I think I once read what it takes to become a regular, but I’ve forgotten. It must be pretty hard though because I’ve recently been on the site a lot, reading and posting according to my inclinations, but so far I’ve not become a “regular”. Not that that’s a goal of mine. I’m just puzzled that apparently the bar for that is high.

Anyway, I agree that the badges and likes and advances (if there are any) are a little “not quite right”. It’s all statistics-based. There are no humans actually assessing your ethical fibre, or wisdom, or virtue, when deciding to give you an advance or a badge. It’s just a computer counting posts, clicks, likes, reads, page-loads, whatever. Not a healthy way of determining someone’s true worth for the site.


OIC. When I am given the message of using enough likes it say (or used to say like 5 months ago) that " you have used the maximum amount of 20 (or 50 I don’t remember) likes per day". Lately I haven’t received the message any more because I have been less active so maybe it no longer says the number. So sorry now that I don’t remember if it was 20 or 50. But when I received the message it also said a number.
I did get the message of using enough likes when I hadn’t liked much last summer and I was so surprised. So my guess is it is a glitch in the system.


From the last times I got it I think it is total likes over the last 24 hours.

I think it’s so that people don’t just mindlessly like.


It seems like a method of mind control - counting likes and exceeding an unknown total. Almost scary - maybe a suspension is around the corner - a badge ripped away. Doesn’t sound promising at all. Perhaps its best if its ignored - don’t make eye contact!


Yes, if one meets the invisible criteria for the epitome of popularity, one is admitted to a secret part of the forum that others cannot “see”. However, if one is admitted, and does not maintain their popularity, they will be ejected from the secret place!


Open your profile and look at the Summary listing:
Under “Badges” - “Member”.

Mine says “Granted invitations, group messaging, more likes.”

I presume we reach system levels that allow more ability to “like” others.


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