Liking Other Religions Spirituality?

Is it ok to like other religions spirituality?

Note: I am always and will be Catholic, and I believe that she holds the truth, but for some reason I like other religions too. It’s almost like they help bring me closer to God. It might be some of the commonalities between the other religions or maybe it’s the cultural aspect of them.

Can anyone help me out?

I try, I really do try not to run other religions down. I have made my peace with Muslims, JW and many others but sometimes you can have a bad experience with others that will cause you to have a dislike in there faith, not exactly a hatred but a dislike.

I used to work for Mormons and things didn’t go well there, I even read there book but I felt it was racist, so I don’t hate them but I have a dislike in the way there holy book was written.

I support Everton football club but honestly like watching other clubs play football like Barcelona or sometimes even Manchester United. Everyone who likes football unites in this love for the game, most people though are tribal when it comes to football but one who really likes the game can appreciate other teams as well.
I guess what I’m getting at is that, I think you should be able to completely support your team 100% but still appreciate aspects of another team.

Yes it’s OK in a general sense.

It has been my experience that much of what I liked about other religions could actually be found in Catholicism.

In my case it was the simplicity and mysticism of the east. Having been raised in the more traditional scholastic tradition (heavily influenced by Aquinas), I really did not know that the Church actually has a deep and strong “mystical” tradition.

Of course one needs to be careful in looking at various traditions and / or practices.


I’m not a Catholic, but I love the rituals, the emphasis on economic justice, the commitment to the sanctity of life, the love for our Lord Christ, the intellectual seriousness of the religion and very much else.

What about the truths we proclaim? For example, what do you think about the teaching that the CC proclaims that she has the fullness of truth?

I find many truths in the Catholic Church.

For example, this picture was shared with me recently.

Look at all those new Cardinals, white, black, tan, all the colors of humanity there!

And this statement:

"Faith and reason are like two wings on which the human spirit rises to the contemplation of truth; and God has placed in the human heart a desire to know the truth—in a word, to know himself—so that, by knowing and loving God, men and women may also come to the fullness of truth about themselves "

How true, how profound, how important!

I have absolutely no doubt that the Holy Spirit is guiding and inspiring the Catholic Church.

It’s okay.

I greatly enjoy Eastern Orthodox spirituality.

What do you say to the statement, “The CC has the fullness of truth”?

I would assume that “other religions” refers to other religions besides Christianity (of which Eastern Orthodoxy is a part).

Not sure what that means, exactly.

I would say that no group or individual holds a monopoly on the inspiration of the Holy Spirit.

I have opened myself up to seeing that in others more these days.

It means that everything that God wanted to be revealed has been revealed, and that the Catholic Church proclaims everything that God wanted to be revealed correctly.

So my position is: either the CC is right, and one ought not be anything other than Catholic.


The CC is wrong, and it is the most arrogant thing in the world to claim to have the fullness of truth. As such, it would be weird for anyone to say, “I have great respect for the CC, but don’t believe it’s right.”

Either the CC is right, or it’s a monstrously arrogant entity to claim something like that and be wrong.

Your thoughts?

I have come upon spiritual leaders from other religions who are able to articulate their ideas very directly and succinctly. Their beliefs have much in common with the human values held by Christianity, but it is the means of expression which is a little different from that used by the Catholic writers I know, that makes them appealing.

One example is that of Abraham Heschel.

Being secure in who you are, of course you will appreciate other religions. My own experience with members of other faiths has helped me strengthen my faith. If there seems to be much to gain or learn from other religions, it is usually the things that Catholicism once was, or practiced, and what it has lost in the process of modernization.

Sometimes I think that we can recover some of the old Catholic values and practices by recognizing their reflection in religious practices of other faiths.

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