Lily and the Snowman ad

Here is a beautifully crafted ad that lets you forget you are watching an ad. I wonder what people think of it.


Wow, that was cool.
I liked the music selection, too.
“Follow You Follow Me”

It’s well made. It’s not really my cuppa - I’m not a big fan of big-headed Pixar people, or that musical style, or the whole theme that we see endlessly about parents working long hours and not spending time with their children (I don’t know any parent who acts like that nowadays unless it is due to dire necessity). I presume that’s her child and not her “inner child”.

The beginning part reminded me a lot of the old “Frosty the Snorman” cartoon that used to play every Christmas on TV in USA.

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Yes, the music is an integral part of this video. Note, for instance, how the words “…fading away…” of the song sync up exactly to the point where the snowman is rejected by Lily. Also “…one single tear in each passing year…” syncs up with the snowman dripping and being put in the fridge for another year.

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