Limbo? how about dead unbaptized babies?

this 800 year old catholic teaching was declared null by pope benedict years ago but also said it’s only prayerful hope…so where do dead unbaptized babies go?? surely not hell, they did not sin gravely but because of original sin, then what? and who originated this wishful thinking that babies can become angels?? that’s not possible! angels and men are two different beings, different natures per dogmas

It was commonly stated, but was not ever actually a church teaching.
We rely on the mercy of God regarding these deceased children.


Limbo for infants was never a Church teaching. It was only ever a theological hypothesis. You are free to believe it or not.
The Church does not know what happens to them which is why it entrusts such souls to the mercy of God.

I’m not sure whether or not I believe that, considering my mother lost three children before they were born, and my sister had a child that died at 10 weeks old, I would like to believe that they’re in heaven. None the last, I still pray for the Repose of their souls. It couldn’t hurt.

Unless you can provide a reference I believe you are mistaken in suggesting the teaching is “null”. It is still a teaching one may acceptably hold but is optional and indeed no longer held as mainstream as once it was.

Many Church teachings are like this, they are still teachings but not “dogma”.

The current view is that nobody knows but the merciful God we trust in will not see the innocent suffer in any way. That does not necessarily mean they will receive the beatific vision but we hope for that.
It certainly means they will not suffer in the hell of the damned.

It is acceptable to hold they may enjoy the hell of the just which is considered a natural paradise with God present in some way.

The love and mercy of our God is boundless. Trust in Christ.

The theory of limbo is over 1600 years ago.

The theory of limbo is not an official Catholic teaching. Never was.

No it wasn’t. The document which supposedly nullified it says it’s still an acceptable theory: “the theory of Limbo…remains a possible theological opinion.” (The Hope of Salvation Paragraph 41)

Wrong person. The group who issued the above document is the International Theological Commission, which is a study group. Their job is to study things assigned to them by the Vatican and report back with their findings. The letter they wrote is not magisterial. Pope Benedict merely gave them permission to tell people the results of their study. “Permission to publish” is not the same thing as “this is doctrine now.”

The Bible doesn’t say. Some think limbo – that remains an acceptable theological opinion. Some think heaven – if God saves the babies apart from baptism. We don’t know if either of those theories is true or if something else is. One thing we can know is that they do not suffer eternal torment, because it would be unjust to give someone a punishment they don’t deserve.

Not sure, this is the first I’ve heard of it. Are you sure you’re not the originator?

People equate the Cherubim with “cherubs.”

People, no matter what the age, do not turn into angels when they die.
Angels are a totally different species of being.

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