Limbo or not?


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Here is an interview just out on the Inside the Vatican magazine website by Australian Catholic journalist Andrew Rabel with a member of the theological commission set up by Pope John Paul 11, to study the question of the destiny of those who die unbaptized, with special reference to unborn infants.
The report is not dogma, but refers to the teachings of the Church about the hope that these infants will thanks to God’s mercy, enjoy the beatific vision.
It is of special interest to those concerned about what happens to the millions of aborted babies who die each year.


Very interesting find.

Sister Butler:
The report concludes that Limbo remains a **“possible theological opinion.” Anyone who wants to defend it is free to do so. **This document, however, tries to give a theological rationale for hoping that unbaptized infants may be saved.

I’ll keep this in mind just in case someone asks what the Vatican’s conclusion really was.:rolleyes:

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Interesting, apparently some wanted Limbo to be defined at Vatican II (the theological commission member says so)



**Code: ZE07050301
****Date: 2007-05-03
****Notion of Limbo Isn’t Closed, Expert Says
****Adds It’s a Theological Opinion That Can Be Defended
**ROME, MAY 3, 2007 ( The theory of limbo is not ruled out, says a member of the International Theological Commission, commenting on a study from the panel.


Beat me to it. A member of the Commission says the study does not rule out Limbo and we are free to believe in it and defend it. :slight_smile:


Why should they?




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