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so, if the church has completly done away with limbo does this mean that all unbaptised babies go to heaven? If there is no higher part of hell free from the punishment due to personal sin (the fires) and infants cannot go to the fires since they have no personal sin, then that must mean that they go directly to heaven. But this would seem to deny the catholic teaching on original sin. Now that Benedict XVI has gotten rid of limbo, it almost seems that baptising infants is not a nessesity since there are no consecuences for an infant dying without baptism.


The Church hasn’t done away with Limbo and no it does not teach that unBaptized infants go to Heaven. Again Benedict XVI DID NOT get rid of Limbo as one possibility of what happens to unBaptized infants…


I can’t believe people have gotten their Church doctrine from mainstream media headlines and not from the actual source.

Limbo can’t be done away with anyway. The question is not whether it’s possible to end up in a state of perfect natural happiness (it is), but of who definitively ends up in that state. This question is a point of liberty for Catholics. The Theological Commission that studied this issue said Catholics are free to believe in and defend Limbo.


“[T]he theory of Limbo . . . remains a possible theological opinion. . .”

The Hope of Salvation for Infants who Die Without Being Baptised #41

  • International Theological Commission*


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