Limiting Couples to Just Two Kids Is Not the Way to Save the Earth - Father Jonathan

Limiting Couples to Just Two Kids Is Not the Way to Save the Earth

Yesterday, the chairman of Britain’s Sustainable Development Commision, Sir Jonathon Porritt, ventured into new frontiers of Green movement nuttiness.
Mr. Porritt gave the press a preview of the main conclusions of his commission’s proposals for England’s environmental policy, to be released next month. He says curbing population growth, through federal investment in contraception and abortion, and encouraging citizens to recognize their moral responsibility by limiting their procreation to a maximum of two children per couple, must be at the heart of Britain’s global warming policies.
The only way to understand how such a mainstream scientist could fall into the clutches of such unscientific ideology, is to consider the nihilistic philosophy of life prevalent among many of the cultural elite of Western Europe and to some degree of America too. They have not only rejected the sacredness of human life by denying the Sacred; they have emptied human life of all transcendent purpose.


It used to be the main source of loopiness was California.
Britain is edging right up there it seems.

lt’s really amazing the levels we see here in England. first the God Delusion book, then Hawkins campaign on TV, then the ‘‘There is probably no God, no stop worrying and enjoy your life’’ bus advert campaign, now this. We need prayers here in England that the persecution of our Faith does not turn fellow brothers and sisters away in fear or resignation.

Will be praying for you. We have family in England are concerned about what’s going on.
Didn’t mean to sound flippant.
It’s no consolation, but whatever happens “across the water” eventually seems to find its way here as well.With our new administration in Washington it’s almost a given.

That’s an expression of freedom. Would you rather they weren’t allowed to do this?
Releasing a book and making an advertisement is not persecution. Calling it so compares that with people who have been TORTURED and KILLED for their faith, particularly in places such as North Korea.

The article in the OP is disturbing, but does not represent the views of everyone in Britain.

You’re right, it is free speech; but is the opposing view promoted on buses and books on religion promoted as heavily?

Well, there are different sorts of persecution & these days speaking up for your faith & Catholic teachings especially concerning abortion & marriage can cost you your job in some circumstances, test grades in school,etc.The persecution’s more subtle but it’s still there.


You obviously know little about the atheist bus campaign. It was done in response to a series of ‘you’re going to hell’-esque ads on the side of buses.

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