Lindsey Graham to endorse Jeb Bush for president


Lindsey Graham to endorse Jeb Bush for president


And the world breathes a collective sigh of who cares.

That’s not a knock at you gilliam for posting this; I just don’t know if Lindsay Graham has much influence on anyone outside of perhaps his own constituents.


:thumbsup: yes, it is another nudge for me to pull further away from Jeb Bush. I don’t care for Lindsay and although Jeb did better in the debates last night I still didn’t agree with everything he said.


Have do found any candidate that you agree with everything they say? Do you really expect to?


I watched Sen Graham’s endorsement this morning. I agreed with him that to ban adherents of an entire religion even temporarily might be the worst thing to do in our fight against ISIS . As the Senator said, the US needs the support of Muslims in the effort to combat terrorism and it is of no benefit to tick off a group of people whom you seek the support of. It’s counterproductive.

That said, I think this might have been more important in yrs prior to 2012. Graham endorsed Romney the last time around and Gingrich won SC. I believe Gov Haley may have endorsed Romney as well in 2012 but not completely sure about that. And as Jeb said, IA and NH set the table. I know Jeb and Sen Graham are banking on SC setting the direction that follows. But Jeb still has to be looked upon as sitting at the main table and not relegated to the kid’s table by the time SC rolls around. He could yet surprise the pundits and the outside the establishment crowd in NH. Or not. We shall see in a few wks.


Hey, if both of Lindsay’s voters go over to Jeb it could double his support!


I agree with Trump saying we need a temporary ban on Muslims entering our country. Last night Jeb Bush disagreed with that. I don’t think we need another Bush and Jeb is not one of my top 4 candidates I am considering to give my vote to. So Lindsay Grahm endorsing Jeb doesn’t impress me much.


Ditto. We have to use our heads. It’s not Jews or Buddhists committing these atrocities, and it sure isn’t us Christians.

I mean, when one group in particular is responsible for terrorist attacks, rapes, beheadings, etc. every day, it only makes sense to keep those people out. Our country has to come first. We have no responsibility to endanger ourselves.

Rant over.






Thank you for responding, but that did not answer my question. Do you expect to agree with everything any candidate says? And how do we decide who is a Muslim and who isn’t?


I would like to agree with most of what a candidate says and some statements might weigh more either way - for or against.

I don’t think the question is deciding who is or isn’t a Muslim, but rather if they have been radicalized. Of course, there could be some who might pose as Christians, but not sure how successful they would be.

The vetting process must be made better and I am hoping they will be working on a way to do that.


All the ads I’ve been seeing the past two weeks by Jeb Bush, he’s attacking Rubio.

My take is that he probably sees he’s not going to be the GOP nominee, and so has plans to run for the Senate.

Rubio already said he’s not going to run for re-election as Senator and Bush is probably putting the final nails in that coffin, so to speak, in case Rubio tries to change his mind.



you could be right!


I have never understood the drive to endorse as one is on the way out the door.


What do you mean that we don’t need another Bush? Are you saying that someones last name is a reason not to vote for him/her?


The problem I have with Jeb Bush is that I’m not sure he can turn out the base.

Although I have been wondering how many people will actually stand in line to vote for Trump…

Graham’s endorsement is no surprise.


Judging people based on the group they belong has happened a lot this campaign.


Such as?


I don think the Muslims are mad at us because we don’t let them in our country. They are mad about us being in theirs.

It can be a reason. I would never want a Bush or Clinton in charge of anything. Both families politics are corrupt and traitorous. In this regard and quite literally the Bush’s are old money and the Clinton’s new.

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