Lineage of Jesus

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My question pertains to the lineage of Jesus. 14 generations passed between Abraham and David, 14 from David to the Exile, and another 14 from Exile to Jesus’ birth. From Abraham to David, well that was about a millenium. Only 500 years passed between David and the Exile, and 500 years between the Exile and Jesus. So how can 14 generations pass for a 1000 years and then pass much quicker in a span of 500 years?


People going at it twice as much???

Perhaps it was the longer life spans…

Truthfyully, the time via the generations is more symbolic I believe than a real chronology/biology report. It is meant to illustrate theprohpetic witness and the connection to Abraham [one geneology] and to all mankind [Adam - and Genisis]

Women are listed in the geneologies, not typically done…also identified are non - jews hence the reference to all mankind not just the chosen…

Too often we attempt to make scripture fit a type of literature that it is not…like the creation stories of Genisis and a science text book. Gesisis is not a science text ook and the Holy Spirit was not inspiring a scientific research paper…similarly, the geneologies of Jesus are not a legal birth certificate not a scientific study in DNA…The geneologies of Jesus show our interconnectedness and the fullfillment of prophesy…

Thanks, I was thinking about the longer life spans.

I think the generations were selected to add up to 14 three times as symbolic. Matthew presents Jesus as the Son of David, the King and Messiah. In the Hebrew alphabet, each letter of a person’s name is assigned a number. David’s name adds up to fourteen. So the genealogy points out Jesus as son of David, David, David.

I’m typing this from memory without looking this up. Feel free to correct, anybody. :slight_smile:

Another point is that sometimes only the more important names were mentioned in the geneology; a generation might be omitted. For eg., it might say “grandfather’s name” begot “grandson”. I think this can be verified by checking out the names in the OT.

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