Lineages of Joseph and the Blessed Virgin Mary

The following is my understanding of the lineages of Joseph, and the Blessed Virgin Mary, based on the Bible, Church Fathers, etc, though not a comprehensive list of family names.

Lineage of the Blessed Virgin Mary

Emorun + Stolanus begot Ismeria, Emerentia, Enue:

Ismeria + Eliud begot Sobe, St. Anne, Maraha, and ? (daughter)
Sobe + Salomo begot Eliud, Mary Salome, and ? (daughter who was an aunt of the
bridegroom at the wedding in Cana)
Eliud + widow Maroni of Naim begot a son (the boy raised from the dead by Jesus)
Mary Salome + Zebedee begot John (Apostle) and James (Apostle)
St. Anne + St. Heli (Joachim) begot Blessed Virgin Mary
Blessed Virgin Mary (begot Jesus) + St. Joseph
Maraha + ? begot ? (daughter), Arastaria, and Cocharia

Emerentia + Aphras (Ophras) begot St. Elizabeth, Enue, and Rhoda
St. Elizabeth + Zechariah begot St. John the Baptist
Enue + ? begot ?
Rhoda + ? begot Mara

Enue (sister of Ismeria and Emerentia) + ? begot ?

Lineage of St. Joseph

Matthan + ? begot Jacob and Joses
Matthan’s widow (?) + Levi begot Matthat

Matthat + ? begot St. Heli (Joachim)
St. Heli (Joachim) + St. Anne begot Blessed Virgin Mary

Jacob + ? begot Zadoch, Alphaeus, St. Joseph, ? (son), ? (son), and ? (son)
Zadoch + ? begot ? (son), ? (son), ? (daughter), and ? (daughter)
Alphaeus + Mary begot Simon, Joseph, James (Apostle), and Judas (Apostle)
St. Joseph + Blessed Virgin Mary (begot Jesus)

Joses + ? begot ?


  • St. Anne’s father, Eliud, was of the tribe of Levi; her mother, Ismeria, was of the tribe of Benjamin
  • Matthan descended from David through Solomon
  • When Matthan died, his widow married as her second husband Levi (descended from David through Nathan)
  • St. Joseph and the Blessed Virgin Mary are both descendants of David


Heli may be actually Jacob’s next of kin and as such, he married his kinsman’s widow.

We just had two threads on this:

St. Heli (Joachim) and Jacob (St. Joseph’s father) were step-brothers. St. Heli married St. Ann, and together begot the Blessed Virgin Mary.

According to Sextus Julius Africanus. Heli was Joseph’s natural father and Jacob was Joseph’s legal father. It’s a Levirate marriage.

Is that what you believe to be true?

It’s more plausible than what I’ve seen. It’s also the earliest explanation.

Also Sextus Africanus lived around the area, so he’d have more access to traditions about Jesus.

Wasn’t St Matthew’s father also Alphaeus?

Yes, but more than one “Alphaeus” existed.

That is not the only possibility but ok.

Eastern Orthodox tradition has this

No, Julius Africanus said St. Joseph was the son of Jacob by nature, and St. Hell (Heli/Joachim) by law.

Okay. But Africanus is speaking of a Levirate marriage. To him, Luke is talking of a Levirate marriage, not referencing Mary’s genealogy.

I never said Luke 3:23-38 is referencing the Blessed Virgin Mary’s genealogy.


Ah, yes. And, even the Catholic Church refers to the Blessed Virgin Mary’s father as being St. Joachim (Hell/Heli), based on the Gospel of James.

Nope. That’s a school of thought within the Church that makes Joachim into Heli.

In M. R. James’ edition of the Apocryphal New Testament, Mary’s parents are named in the book of James as Ioacim (i.e. Joachim) and Anna. I see no mention of the name Hell or Heli.

Depending on who is writing about St. Joachim, he is also referred to as “Hell” or “Heli”.

Forgive me for saying this, but you seem to be dodging the question. Can you please confirm that the book of James gives the name of Mary’s father only as “Ioacim” or Joachim, and not as Hell or Heli?

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