Lineages of Joseph and the Blessed Virgin Mary

Ah, yes. And, even the Catholic Church refers to the Blessed Virgin Mary’s father as being St. Joachim (Hell/Heli), based on the Gospel of James.

Nope. That’s a school of thought within the Church that makes Joachim into Heli.

In M. R. James’ edition of the Apocryphal New Testament, Mary’s parents are named in the book of James as Ioacim (i.e. Joachim) and Anna. I see no mention of the name Hell or Heli.

Depending on who is writing about St. Joachim, he is also referred to as “Hell” or “Heli”.

Forgive me for saying this, but you seem to be dodging the question. Can you please confirm that the book of James gives the name of Mary’s father only as “Ioacim” or Joachim, and not as Hell or Heli?

On July 26th, the Church and lay Catholics commemorate St. Joachim (Hell/Heli) and St. Anne, as the parents of the Blessed Virgin Mary.

You didn’t ask a question, rather made statements. And, by your asking me to confirm the Blessed Virgin Mary’s father was named “Joachim” in the Gospel of James, you must have missed where I already stated that to @Julius_Caesar (see post 16). I put in parenthesis variants of Joachim’s name used by others.

Once again, only the name Joachim appears on the liturgical calendar, and not Hell or Heli, at least according to the USCCB.

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I never said those variants of the name “Joachim” appear on the liturgical calender.

In case you have forgotten, this is what you wrote:

It would have been more correct to say this:

On July 26th, the Church and lay Catholics commemorate St. Joachim and St. Anne, as the parents of the Blessed Virgin Mary.

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Aaand, why is that?

Can you really not see the difference?

Luke 3:23 mentions the name Heli as Joseph’s father, not as Mary’s father.

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St. Joseph was the son of Jacob by nature (Matt. 1:16), and St. Joachim (Hell/Heli) by law (Lk. 3:23).

Wrong again, @Lunam_Meam! That’s not what Luke says. He doesn’t mention the name Joachim.

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I didn’t say Luke wrote the name “Joachim”, rather a variant of it, but one and the same person.

No, not a variant. A completely different name.


It seems the name “Joachim” is a variant of “Eliakim”, which is abbreviated as “Eli”, a variant of “Heli”. Or, it’s not a variant, rather a completely different name he was called, just as Nathanael was also called Bartholomew, as Thomas was also called Didymus, and as Levi was also called Matthew, etc.

Totally different.

Joachim in Hebrew is Yehoachin.

I didn’t say the name “Joachim” in Hebrew is “Eliakim”.

I didn’t say it is, but based on your previous post it seemed there’s only one possibility.

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