Linear time and dimentions of afterlife


So I am talking to my atheist friend and we get into this discussion about “this sky god” as he calls God, and the wrath of judgment we Christians are all supposed to be afraid of that makes us moral out of fear rather than his more superior way of being moral without the fear of “the sky god wrath”.

Then he asks about who is in hell and who is in heaven and I think this is where I just may have misrepresented Catholic doctrine. See, I just started making all this stuff up like I knew it but I think maybe I was wrong.

You tell me.

I said to him that we are in linear time, we exist on this plane of reality, in this dimension so for us there has been no judgment day. For us every soul is in limbo awaiting the day when we all be judged.
But in the after life there is no such thing as linear time, all is, was ,and will be at the same time. So when you die, it is then that you are judged and may ask for forgiveness. For me, standing beside your coffin in life, it hasn’t happened yet, but for the dead no time passes from death to judgment and heaven or hell. It’s a different dimension a different movement and concept of time and space.

The thing is that this seemed to be an intriguing concept to him and he looked at me and said "is this really what Catholics believe? Because that’s about as close to what I would believe if I were not an Atheist."
So I said…"yea, that’s it."
Please tell me I am not going straight to hell for that!
I’m trying to work on this guy to bring him to God and I just got carried away.


I think you are in error, but however given you were talking to someone who claim to be an Atheist and yet believe in a God, it does not seem you have damage his mind anymore than it was already damage. Just Study and perhaps you will be more ready for the next argument.


Fine, give me a better way to say that then.
And he didn’t say he believed in God, he said that if he did then that would be close to what he would think was the deal with heaven and hell.

Six years of Catholic school only goes so far, I have been converting Atheists for 20 years now, I win some and I lose some, the ones I lose are because I am not as versed as y’all are on this stuff.
I came to this board a couple of months ago and have been hanging out in the back fence mustering up the courage to go on to these headier forums.
I am self employed, I work 12 to 14 hours a day some times 6 days a week, my study time is limited to say the least.
Help me or don’t help me, but I use this information to bring people to God.
And I am pretty dang good at it.
I need the easy button answer please, not some teacher to tell me to look it up.


6 years of Catholic School, huh, wish I had just 6 months. Sorry, really can not be of much help with your arguments. Good luck and Gold bless!


So what is the answer?
What does the church teach about this subject?


What, exactly was the question? The only question I could clearly discern from the original post was who is in hell and who is in heaven. Those persons who have died in a state of friendship with God are in heaven, or are in a process of purification after death that will result in their being in heaven. Those persons who have died in a state of enmity with God are in hell.

I am speaking of human persons here. There are also angelic persons in heaven and demonic persons in hell. Their situation is not identical as they do not die, but similar enough in that those who have chosen friendship with God are in heaven and those who have chosen enmity with God are in hell.


A good start.
Now, how do we reconsile that with the day of judgement at the second comming?
If we are all to be judged on that day then how is it that those who have died have already been judged and relegated to hell or ascended to heaven?
How can both of those be true since the second comming hasn’t come yet?


Could you state you argument a little more clearly. For instance you have stated A good Start. What Start? WE have not even begun to Argue. That was a bad Start to begin with but you go on to compare a something or the other with the day of judgement at the second coming and ask for a reconsile. What Reconsile? We have not even agree to a start, only you have agee to this. You then futher state that if we are all to be judged then how is it that those who died have already been judged and relegated to hell or ascended to heaven: I normaly can apply scipture with every day life but you have me stump here, so if you do not mind, please be so kind add to provide a few quotes from the bible. And you futher say that since the second comming hasn’t come yet. Well, I certaintly think that since the tabernacle was torn and the souls was risen then that was the second coming. If you think differently then please provide one or two and if possible three of the following: Bible Scripture, Quote from the Saints, or Church(Roman Catholic) Doctrine(this may be early church fathers’ writings).


My apologies, I was in a bit of a hurry when I wrote that and the spelling shows it.:ouch:

This is not an argument, it’s a question. Please feel free to treat is as a question from a child, I won’t feel offended.

The question is that if a day is coming when we will all be judged, and there are already souls in heaven and hell that have been judged,
how is it that those souls have been judged before the judgment day?


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