Linear time and judgement day


So I am talking to my atheist friend and we get into this discussion about “this sky god” as he calls God, and the wrath of judgment we Christians are all supposed to be afraid of that makes us moral out of fear rather than his more superior way of being moral without the fear of “the sky god wrath”.

Then he asks about who is in hell and who is in heaven and I think this is where I just may have misrepresented Catholic doctrine. See, I just started making all this stuff up like I knew it but I think maybe I was wrong.

You tell me.

I said to him that we are in linear time, we exist on this plane of reality, in this dimension so for us there has been no judgment day. For us every soul is in limbo awaiting the day when we all be judged.
But in the after life there is no such thing as linear time, all is, was ,and will be at the same time. So when you die, it is then that you are judged and may ask for forgiveness. For me, standing beside your coffin in life, it hasn’t happened yet, but for the dead no time passes from death to judgment and heaven or hell. It’s a different dimension a different movement and concept of time and space.

The thing is that this seemed to be an intriguing concept to him and he looked at me and said "is this really what Catholics believe? Because that’s about as close to what I would believe if I were not an Atheist."
So I said…“yea, that’s it.”
:gopray2: Please tell me I am not going straight to hell for that!
I’m trying to work on this guy to bring him to God and I just got carried away.


I agree that in eternity there is no such thing as linear time- human history will one day come to an end. And I think you’re explanation might be right, as we don’t understand how the flow of time or lack thereof works in the “Eternal Now”


So far you are the only one who understands what I was saying.
You have super powers!:wink:

His querry was deeper than I wrote, but I am not very good at this text thing.
He wanted me to tell him how it is that judgment day was comming, yet people have already been judged and sent to Heaven or hell.
So that’s what I said.


I only need one of these, CAF can delete this one.


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