Linen Mat

What is that Linen cloth that both the Orthodox, Catholic and Anglican Churches use to rest the consecrated host and chalice on? I’m curious what it is and what it does as each church group has one, though the color is different. does the color of the cloth also have a significance?

I think you mean the corporal, which is explained reasonably well here at Wikipedia and here in the 1913 Catholic Encyclopedia. As far as I know, they’re only white, though.

You might also be thinking about the Antimension. It looks very much like a fancy corporal but it has a relic of a saint sewn into it. It is use in Eastern Catholic and Orthodoxy in place of the corporal.

I know some Latin Rite priests who celebrate the Mass out in the field in military situations use the Eastern Antimension under their corporals or in place of their corporals.

Catholics use a corporal to rest the paten and chalice on (used to rest the Host directly onto the corporal instead of the paten).

Eastern Catholics and Orthodox use an antimension. It has an icon of Jesus written on it, has a relic sewn into the hem and is signed by the bishop who authorizes its use. It’s almost like a portable altar, with the relics included and all.

A holy Triduum to you,

I have only seen the color white. Are there different colors?

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