Lingerie Story on Entertainment News

My wife and I were watching an entertainment news program (I forgot which one) and they showed a segment on selecting the right piece of lingerie for Valentines Day. The first piece they showed was modest, but they said, “this is something you can wear if you’ve dated for less than six months.” This statement floored my wife and I, although we were not entirely surprised. Is this what passes for a committed relationship now? Six months of dating? So sad.

Time isn’t always a good gauge to tell how committed someone is to another I suppose, but I heard on a similar program (I forgot the name of it) that divorce is now a “milestone”

Hmmm…I think that’s a good question. It does seem that 6 months is the barameter by which relationships are deemed steadyd. I guess I would view 6 months a good barometer too, but I don’t think 6 months means it’s time for a sexual relationship. I guess that’s where I disagree.

Exactly. That was what surprised my wife and me. The casualness of the segment was interesting. It was almost as if it assumed that couples would be having sex regularly six months into a relationship. I know that in some places and times, six months was more than enough time to meet someone and get married. But I’m pretty sure that is not what this story focused on. Like I said, I’m not that surprised.

Even though it is not our view of course, I have to say that I do believe that in society’s view 6 months is plenty of time to wait for a sexual relationship. I think that explains the casualness of it.

Gross…and so sad. :frowning:

I’m really behind in this department, but as a 20 year old, I can tell you for my generation, things move pretty fast. People rarely date before ‘hooking up’ once they enter college - the hook up is the initiation of dating if it goes well. Usually, people start having sex within a few months, and yes, 6 months is usually the amount of time it’s “expected” - that’s considered a very substantial amount of time. This isn’t what I’ve done for various reasons, but it’s how it works for almost everyone I know, male or female, liberal or conservative, partier or bookworm, etc.

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