link broken

Hello all,
I posted in the “meet and greet” forum and I was asking about “the International House of Prayer”. They have basically moved into our area and are taking over the town. I was wondering why the feel the need to be on every corner. They are buying up all the commercial and residential real estate here and was wanting some more info on this group. My main concern is: Are they a Cult?
I received an answer from Catherine in the meet and greet forum, she provided a link, however, I am unable to access the link, it keeps coming up “Link is broken”.
So, being a life long Catholic, I am really concerned about IHOP. Can anyone give me any info on the cult status?
I have google them and so far have found everything from: Yes, they are a cult and very controlling of their young people. No, they are not a cult. Mike Bickel (the founder) is a wonderful guy, to Mike Bickel is creating another “Jonestown”.:confused:

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