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Hi Phillipos here, I want to thank everyone for their great suggestions for the website. I am adding a links box on the side of the site and looking for people who would like to be linked from the site. If you have a website, blog, whatever and you would like to be linked from my site just send a reply to this thread. I’ll fit in everyone that I can. If you want to visit the site to see what it looks like and its purpose then visit



Cool blog! I’ll swap links with you - mine is

By the way, you may want to submit your blog to both St. Blog’s Parish Hall (and get that cool “New Evangelization” button with Pope John Paull II on it for your site), and to the Catholic Blog Directory. Those links are in my blogroll on the right side of the page.


thanks, i just registered, you’re linked from me also


You can toss mine on there, it’s in my sig line.


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