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I want to update the links I provide at my blog. Especially, I’m looking for links that one would use as references when documenting the teachings, practices, and norms for the Catholic Church. For instance, I have the Catechism, the Code of Canon Law, and the Documents of Vatican II linked. Hoping some here could provide other suggestions (with link), such as, for instance, the GIRM. Thanks in advanced. Here’s what I already have:

*]Search the Bible
*]Today’s Readings from Scripture
*]The Vatican - Official Site
*]Catechism of the Catholic Church
*]Code of Canon Law
*]Church Documents
*]New Advent Catholic Encyclopedia
*]Haydock’s Bible Commentary
*]Liturgy of the Hours
*]Papal Encyclicals
*]Vatican II Documents
*]Catholicity (Free CD’s and Books)
*]Official Website of Peter Kreeft
*]Curt Jester Blog
*]Catholic Home Study Service (Free At-Home Studies)
*]Jimmy Akin’s Blog
*]Bible Christian Society
*]Scripture Catholic
*]Catholic Answers[/LIST]


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Thanks an awful lot! (bad pun).

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A couple I find myself referring to during debates…
Summa Theologica online, the whole thing. Quite handy as all I’ve got in dead-tree is the unfinished Shorter Summa and I don’t want to risk the collapse of my bookshelves.
New American Bible. I think I have a KJV lying around somewhere but I have a feeling that that won’t fly too well in me-vs-the-Catholics :wink: Plus this is easier than leafing through pages.


Check out the resources area of the Saint Michael’s Media website (the link in my signature) Just click on the Resources button - there are a TON of resources, all by category or subject.




thank you for all those links. i use that’s scott hahn.:slight_smile: May the Sacred Heart of Jesus be Adored, Glorified, Loved & Preserved throughout the world, now & forever. Sacred Heart of Jesus, please pray for me. Saint Jude, Worker of Miracles, please pray for me. Saint Jude, Helper of the Hopeless, please pray for me. Amen.":slight_smile:


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