Lion will lay down with the lamb question

does anyone know why so many people think Isaiah said “the lion will lay down with the lamb” rather than the wolf?

part of my motivation to discover this fact is that people are ascribing this misremembering to the mandala effect. they believe the whole world has shifted and every bible in it has been edited.

Are you referring to that it should be wolf instead of lion?

yes that is it.

My Bible says wolf - but I would have guessed lion and the lamb based on that they both start with the letter L. There are several animals listed in that section of scripture, so my guess is it rolled into lamb and the lion.

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It’s worth noting that Christ has been described as both lion and lamb. The lion refers to Christ resurrected. The lamb refers to Christ as sacrifice. In Christ is peace. In Christ all are one.

Christ isn’t described as a wolf anywhere.


There is no need to invoke a strange explanation such as the Mandela effect.

Lions are named elsewhere in that chapter, and the incorrect grouping of items in our memory is a natural glitch of our minds.


Every time I see this, I think of the Woody Allen line – “The lion will lie down with the lamb, but the lamb won’t get much sleep.”



I have heard it said that this phrase entered the public consciousness after being in a 1930s song “Peace in the Valley,” which Elvis later sang on the Ed Sullivan show in the '50s as part of a fundraiser for refugees. Preachers began incorporating it into sermons, etc. more commonly after that.

There were also a bunch of popular paintings in the 1950s of the “Peaceable Kingdom” where an artist apparently painted a lion and lamb lying down together. Then at some point MLK discussed it in a speech.

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