Lionfish Robot Killer


I was watching a documentary on the Bahamas yesterday and today I came across this news. Awesome!


Very interesting device.

Supposedly lionfish are very good to eat … tasty … [just avoid the spines].

Sharks can eat them, but the lionfish are not normal shark prey.

It would be nice if we could use that robot device to hunt down other invasive fish species.

Research scientists use electric shock to stun asian carp to catch samples for study purposes … but electric shock is not permitted to catch them to prevent their spread or to catch them to eat or sell. [No idea why.]


Fascinating article and photos, thanks for posting.

From the looks of that prototype design illustration, those robots are going to be physically quite large.

I wonder if any group or government will end up paying a bounty to frogmen spearfishers for them?

I could see that really benefitting people who live in the Caribbean and on the Latin American coast.


Zimmern promotes eating them.


Maybe they can use those, or a variation of them, to kill the “crown of thorns starfish” that are eating up the Australian coral reef.


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